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Morgan Coy - Days Uv Bloat (BOOK)
Tuesday, January 01 2008 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: ChAwech

Morgan Coy - Days Uv Bloat (BOOK)

Genre: Fiction

Note: This is linked to Over The Hill, because the main man behind that band is the writer of this book, and the CD an book come together when bought

Days Ov Bloat is the first, experimental written, book of Morgan Coy, of the indie rock band Over The Hill. The book is actually a novella, a name given to books that can't be regarded as a full novel. Instead, a novella is so to say a short story. Days Ov Bloat goes from page 5 untill page 64, and the pages are small. On the cover of the book is a female body, with the bloat sickness, and in her hand she holds a rose. A rose for the dead.

The bloat sickness is the main point in this story. It's a sickness that affects people both mentally and physically. People that get this sickness, of which no one knows how it's spread, will become very bloated, their arteries will grow out of proportion, making the skin look pink/purple/red as well. Mentally, the affected will be very happy, overly happy, too happy, stupidly happy, and they don't say a word. Untill they die. Then it's a few hours of horrible screaming and slowly bleeding to death.

Goldy is the protagonist of this story. She is a teenage prostitute, and her name is given to her by Big D, her pimp, after she had some theeth replaced by golden ones. Goldy ran away from home, and got picked up by Jeanna, Big D's other prostitute. These three people lived a fairly happy live, as far as possible in the environments they lived in, until the bloating sickness popped up all over America.

The story is written from Goldy's point of view, which means illiterate writing, childish points of view, but also startling smartness and nihilism at times. While the illiterate writing can be annoying at times, one is quite easily used to it, thanks to the absence of complete illiterate writing. One of the first sentences is 'I ran out ov tha hows wen I wuz just 4teen an my step dady bin fuckin me for a yeer or mor'. That needs some adaptation, but it works very well, strangely enough. The absence of illiterate writing I mentioned returns in the fact that Goldy writes in sentences and uses punctuation, however little it may be. Also the name 'Big D' is written like that, in contrast to Jeanna, which becomes jeananna. Big D could (should?) be written as 'bik d'. There are also a few minor inconsistencies ('lyf', where one would expect 'lif'), but I assume the inconsistencies make the illiterate factor even greater. But when one follows that train of thought, there isn't enough inconsistency.

All in all, it was a pretty entertaining book. The apocalyptic story is interesting to read, the experimental writing style something to love or to hate, but on criteria of literature aspects, I'm afraid it fails. However, this might just be the unexpected gift to give. I'm unsure whether it's for sale by itself, or only to be bought in combination with Over The Hill's debut, but there's a full pdf version online on Monofonus Press.


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