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Glorior Belli Interview; Poésie Infernale
Friday, November 30 2007 @ 11:58 PM PST
Contributed by: Sage

Heathen Harvest:  First of all, I commend you on a job well done in the creation of the art and logo.  It was all quite tasteful and impressive.  Can you explain the deeper meaning behind the album artwork on Manifesting the Raging Beast?  The front image to me resembles a grotesque father, son & spirit ideology.  Obviously warped around your own ideas and animosities.  The lyrics certainly helped me come to this conclusion.

Infestuus:  You got it right. “Manifesting The Raging Beast” can be considered as a concept album, the main subject being the Luciferian philosophy. The front artwork is an altered vision of the Holy Trinity – Which means that God is one being who exists simultaneously as a mutual indwelling of three persons known as the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit. And thus it is for Lucifer: He is the Bringer of Light, the sparks of rebellion for his followers, but according to the conventional mindset he is all all that is forbidden, he is only known as Satan. The distinction between Lucifer & Satan is founded on the role he is playing. You can actually see three characters on the cover – Three pillars of the Luciferian philosophy. Three unifying columns, part of the same Entity. “Our path to enlightenment lies in Darkness & you will only be able to see your true nature & the true nature of things in Twilight” (J. Christner).

HH:  How did Glorior Belli come about signing a deal with Southern Lord Records?  Were there any talks with the fantastic french labels Aura Mystique Productions or Drakkar Productions?

IN:  This was the first time we had a “real” deal for Glorior Belli. Straight from the first conversation I had with Greg I knew it was a great opportunity. He asked us right after we left Eerie Art Records if we would be interested to join Southern Lord. French labels didn’t show any interest at this time but they probably didn’t have enough time though… The damn deal was signed really quickly…

HH:  What is the story behind the departure of Antares and Nefastus?

IN:  Antarès decided to leave Glorior Belli for personal reasons in early 2006, but we’re still playing together in another band called “Obscurus Advocam”. Nefastvs also chose to leave the band by his own will, for personal reasons. Hail comrades!

HH:  After the departure of your old bandmates, what brought Dispater and M:A Fog into your company?

IN:  Dispater joined our ranks right before the tour with Corpus Christii in October 2005 as a session live bass player. So he had already a feet in the band so to say. I was also in contact with M:A Fog  via internet at this time, knowing his other band Black Flame. Impressive drummer!

HH:  Have you ever considered adding keyboards to the music of Glorior Belli or is this a taboo for your infernal music?

IN:  Keyboards… No thank you. No bitch vocals neither.

HH:  Obviously your music deals with a unique devotion to darkness.  I have seen in your lyrics a mention of Luciferianism.  Is this your primary belief system?  Please go into detail on your core beliefs.

IN:  As a young teenager looking for a figure of blasphemy I was strongly attracted by Satan. Some years later, though the rage was still intact, I felt a bit confused & something was obviously missing. I asked myself a lot of questions, I was really hungry for more & realized that in fact I always knew the answers. Only the light from within can reveal your true nature. There is no model for those who embrace the Luciferian truth. Each path is personal. Mine, is made of discipline & strong will (and trust me it requires a lot). I perceive my practices as efficient and pursue them in order to achieve a greater spirituality.

HH:  Personally, I feel you write some of the most darkly beautiful lyrics in the black metal realm.  From where do you get the inspiration for such powerful words?

IN:  I grew up with a particular taste for the art of poetry, starting with famous authors such as Baudelaire & Poe (who are still my favorites actually). I was fascinated by their work & by the way they drew out beauty from Evil. Not to mention Rimbaud (who even damned himself to find back the true meaning of poetry) & Le Comte de Lautréamont (« Les Chants de Maldoror »). Tortured souls & brilliant minds being at the same time fragile & turbulent, I cherish that duality & admire their dedication. Hail to thee heralds of the black art! – “Incense & high spiritual hymns lave in debt my wretched limbs”.

HH:  "Said Lucifer in Twilight" seems to be more of a short story than lyrical values.  Is there a different purpose to this song?

IN:  It wasn’t really intentional at the beginning but there was so much to say on the subject that I even had to cut some parts… You’re right it seems to be quite a short story rather than a poem.

HH:  What is the main inspiration to the above song?  Most of "Manifesting the Raging Beast" is obviously very felt and deep for you, but this song in particular seems incredibly felt/emotional through the ending guitar riff especially.

IN:  Really the same inspiration as the whole album, but that very last riff is really epic & charged with emotions. “Said Lvcifer In Twilight” is one of the most elaborated song from “Manifesting…”, the structure is quite complex with a lot of variations. The beginning is pretty long and aggressive. And then you got that fucking last riff coming… Like a ray of light forging its way through a storm. You just cannot do anything but sharing the emotion, carrying the same burden & literally open your mind to a new sensation of might. Hail Lucifer! Hail the new Aeon.

HH:  Do you feel a deeper connection to Satan spiritually than you think most modern black metal enthusiasts might?  What are your thoughts on La Veyans?

IN:  The nine Satanic statements, the nine Satanic sins… Satanic rituals, Satanic rules, Satanic bible… Quite a lot of boundaries, don’t you think? I’m not at all attracted by such an order. Not that I reject literally everything but I really feel like their teachings are too much related to the man himself than to the spirit… It feels to much like a religion in fact, in every aspects. However, as I said before, I’m done blaspheming. Their Satan holds no truth for me, nothing that I already knew before.

HH:  Does the cliché vision that Les Legions Noires has become disgust and sicken you as much as it does me these days?  Being from France, this carnival of childishness must especially bother you.

IN:  Being from the same country or not doesn’t change the fact that I’ve never been interested at all by those bands & I’ll never be.

HH:  On the subject of being frustrated, there are obvious comparisons to bands like Watain and other such projects.  Does it get old always being compared rather than being seen through your own evolution?  Glorior Belli to me holds its own keys and is one band I think deserves their own throne apart from the "crowd".

IN:  Well thanks. I’m not expecting everyone to feel the same, but obviously some people are as bored as I am about those comparisons… Though “bored” might not be the best adjective here, because it leaves me quite indifferent in the end. I know we are certainly not the most original band ever but this is not the point anyway, it’s not a contest. We found our own sound long ago. I defy anyone to find the same intensity, the same blackened melodies, the same effectiveness elsewhere. Moreover, we practice what we preach... How many guys could tell the same? Very few I guess.

HH:  Is your hatred particularly for Christians as it seems from the lyrics, or for humanity as a whole?  What are your thoughts on the overwhelming trend (and i use the word very lightly) of complete misanthropy nowadays?

IN:  I can tell you, without a doubt, that most of the time the so-called perfect misanthrope is just a damn fucking Autist! My hatred is for anyone or anything that obstructs my path, stopping my ascension, being Christian or Muslim, black or white… I don’t give a damn. I am the raging fire, a clandestine flame!

HH:  It is stated that a guitar solo and some backing vocals were performed by "Amduscias".  I assume this is the same man from Temple of Baal.  It is true he is a fantastic guitarist with a uniquely furious style, but why did you choose him out of many others to carry out this solo?

IN:  I asked Amduscias because he is a great musician, a great friend o’mine & because we share the same conception of spirituality & music.

HH:  Cardinale Italo Martire also has a guest appearance on this album and hails from the same band as M:A Fog's origin.  Why did he have such a small role as to do simple backing vocals on this album?

IN:  A small role is still better than no role at all, don’t you think? It was totally improvised. I met this guy in Italy while recording the drums & asked for some backing vocals. It turns out that his voice was quite appropriated with mine.

HH:  Has the distance between yourself and M:A Fog (hailing from Italy) put a strain on the music at all?

IN:  Not at all. M:A Fog is a really dedicated person, working hard & seriously. When he came here to rehearse the tracks, it took us only few hours to play them right.

HHL  Speaking of distance, you are also involved in a project from America called "Wolfe".  How does this work?  What is the music comparable to?  How did you come to be involved with this project?

IN:  My role in Wolfe was limited to vocals & bass for the first two releases. Nowadays I’m just handling the bass. All music & lyrics are actually written by D. His creativity contrasts a lot with mine. That’s why it was interesting because I wanted something special for this “third” project. I honestly cannot remember how I met the guy, but here we are now.

HH:  What is "Silver Machine"?  When can we expect to see a release from this project?

IN:  Silver Machine is a traditional doom project I have with friends from Temple of Baal and Sael. It is heavily influenced by masters of the genre (Black Sabbath, St Vitus, Candlemass), yet blackened by touches as you might imagine, as our background is rooted in black metal. A three tracks release is being prepared at the time (for a bout 40 minutes), and shall be released early 2008. The main theme of the band is Alchemy, and the quests within this "science".

HH:  Are you a strict black metal fan or are you influenced by other styles of music?  Do you hear any post-industrial styles of music such as neofolk or neoclassical?

IN:  Actually I’m a huge fan of Southern Rock/Metal, country music. Punk, Hardcore, Heavy… As long as it sounds good.

HH:  What are your thoughts on the commercialism of black metal nowadays, and even the commercialism of Satanism as a whole?

IN:  I think commercialism is quite a big word when referring to black metal. Very few bands can live with their music & most of the time we all have jobs. The more you sell, the more you spread your poison but then your art becomes vulnerable. What would you do for the money, for the success? Who fucking knows! I prefer my situation, at least I don’t have to worry about that.

HH:  I have seen you quoted as saying "People are always committing the mistake to underestimate me, but if you ever make that wrong judgment... You're dead. " in another interview.  Have you ever killed a man before?  While I'm sure this could be incriminating for you and thus would probably lead you to say "no" either way, it is a question I felt I had to ask.

IN:  “I take life in a way that you could never see”.

HH:  What events in your personal life sent you into listening to black metal?  Into the embrace of Luciferianism?

IN:  Back in the past, Black Metal was rising like a fist in the face of nice & stupid marketing music… Borrowing the image of Satan as all that is forbidden & feared. The message was quite simple at this time, almost deriving from the punk scene. But it was justified & it generated many bands. Only few were able to understand the real message entirely & only few are still carrying it. This is an extreme genre & an intense way of life. When I first embraced the path of Black Metal it was literally leading to my enlightenment.

HH:  Thank you for the review, and indeed "Till secrecy shall knowledge be in the confines of Hell."  Cheers.  The last words are you to have.

IN:  Merely a key am I, no path, to greater spheres.


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