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Stirner & Bonemachine - Split
Saturday, December 01 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: ZG

Split Album

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Split Album

Label: W.A.R. Productions Austria

Genre: Ambient / Industrial / Noise

01 Untiteled I
02 Untiteled II
03 Untiteled III
04 Untiteled IV
05 War Poem

Although I got acquainted with Stirner’s style and manner not long ago with the help of Incubator of Hate release, I’m still not familiar with Bonemachine (a project of a man called A.W.) as it is, which is claimed to be a martial/industrial/dark ambient act. This time those two cooperated to issue a split CD. And maybe due to the presence of Bonemachine’s spirit this limited album sounds a bit more “melodic” if I may say so. Sure it won’t appear so to those who haven’t heard Stirner’s own works. This album is issued on W.A.R. Productions, which has a nice looking militarish website and seems to be keen on limited editions. By the way, this one is limited to 23 copies (symbolic number, certainly) and I got number 10. The thing with all those handmade copies of limited editions is that they have a personal touch – a number put by a hand in the corner of the package or some words written on the CD. It is not a matter of fanhood or anything, just you feel that each piece has a personal touch. Another thing I like limited editions for is their covers. Here the cover is a black envelope with a red “booklet” (and a place for the CD at the same time) with a black sun on the front and a tracklist in the back.

So, now we slowly approach to what makes an album the album. The music. Or better to say antimusic. Again it is a set of frequencies, chaotically changing each other during 55 minutes and 46 seconds. Sometimes it seemed to me that melodies are hidden behind those patterns, just they are distorted so much that it is difficult to recognise anything. However, interesting thing is that from time to time Stirner managed to create a melody (although primitive) from the sounds which were not meant to be any melodic. First four tracks seem to be composed (or rather constructed should I say, because it more looks like a lego-game, a complicated structure built from numerous bright bricks-sounds which shape remains unclear, very abstract) and one 29 minutes long track called War Poem, I guess by Bonemachine, that has clear martial and industrial influences and composed in quite a traditional way – speech samples, the samples of hostility, pieces of heroic music in the beginning and hypnotizing industrial/dark ambient-influenced soundscapes (which made me think about Deutsch Nepal for the moment) during the rest of the track. Somewhere in the middle of War Poem clear rhythm appears for the first and the last time on the recording. I think I quite liked that part, because when it comes to noisy music I prefer having the rhythm – straight, broken, anything for the ear to catch. However, the rest of the album seemed to me too abstract, I tried to find the rhythm, at least to figure it out for some seconds and couldn’t (maybe because there was no even a hint).

In conclusion I should say that this album is really specific and probably will be appreciated by the admirers of the genre. As far as I’m not among them I cannot say that I was impressed by the images I got while listening to it or by the marvellous melodies and harmony, but rather by the sound volume and the effect this release had on my whole family – they thought hi-fi is saying its last goodbye. However, the guys did their job and managed to issue a CD. Who knows, maybe one day I get the CD out and while listening to it realise the message I couldn’t get many years ago.


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