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D.B.P.I.T. - Journey To The Center Of Noise
Thursday, November 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: symbolique

Journey To The Center Of Noise

Artist: D.B.P.I.T Italy

Title: Journey To The Center Of Noise

Label: Deserted Factory Japan

Genre: Avantgarde

01 u-bahn
02 life is a stray bullet
03 holy veto
04 the depths of time
05 bells of the distant fate
06 zombie bugs
07 sink in hell
08 black paper
09 katvil
10 test tude
11 tokyo deca dance
12 pnrlldcrv
13 space sounds

You don’t often find such an odd assortment of instruments listed in liner notes these days but in an album that, “has been realised with noises and sounds recorded by means of mini-disc, video camera or mobile phone during my travels” it piques interest: Berlin underground, train in riga, Fokker plane Leipzig, Ohio bugs, Russian submarine, the townfolks of Oliveto (sic)... If you haven’t already figured it out, ‘Journey to the Center of Noise’ is an abstract work taken from a linear journey by Flavio of DBPIT – experimental aural sculpture is the result.

A coterie of notables, Ain Soph, Circus Joy, Spectre, et al, feature in odd guise on several of the tracks lending their own scattered displacement to the bat flurry of noise and fleeting harmony. DBIT’s journey is one with a particular plight that haunts it and one perhaps brought on by the scattered global sound recordings imitating a lack of cohesion or noticeable end to one’s sojourn. It is an elusive work, despite the minimalism in the objects sampled (most tracks feature 2-6 “instruments”: see above) – reworked extensively and rhythmically – it’s hard to shake the feeling of channel surfing with each track representing one country’s television network.

‘Journey to the Center of Noise’ is the 11th release by DBPIT and it is a scattered collage of audio, sound postcards torn, bent, burned, and glued back in mockery of origami in a sort of homage to the place visited. These bourns are flustering in their oleaginous qualities, pinning them down is near impossible, a flugelhorn blurts 6 notes like a reveille while townsfolk caparison like adepts at a Hoodoo ceremony, fractious and fragmented squeals and bulkheads of pink noise stolen from space, sub aquatic water is oscillated in scything strains of traffic light and shivering pier... All in all though, it is the lack of threads bringing such disparate within already disparate tracks together that makes this DBPIT opus a journey less likely to be taken again.

Packaging presents with an A5 full-colour four-page sleeve listing the vast dichotomy of sampled sounds and their locations within. Hand numbered in an edition of 150 with twenty of those copies featuring a DVD with four video-clips from tracks on the album, only on sale in Japan.


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