12 Yr Old Proud Parent - Scum Kids

Thursday, November 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST

Contributed by: Luminatrix

Genre: Harsh Noise / Electronics

Side A
01. Scum Kids

Side B
01. Under Class

“Scum Kids” is yet another tape release by Turgid Animal records, this one featuring Richard Ramirez and George Proctor in what appears to be a new project, so this is their first release. It comes in 30 copies, but they have more coming in the future for those of you who are interested. Personally I do not count myself among those thoroughly nostalgic of cassette tape/vinyl releases. If something is convenient, such as CDs or even CD-Rs, I say use it. The sound is better, there is more room for layout, and it looks prettier too. It’s true, I still have a bunch of old vinyls in my record collection, and I am still very fond of them, but that's as far as it goes. So there goes the supposed “charm and cuteness” of holding a tape release in my hands. There goes pretty much the only thing that could make this even slightly tolerable.

I will quote the info on the website so as not to be unfair: “this project focuses on the "horrible kids" epidemic of England and possibly the rest of the world. Gross pregnant teenagers, drug filled preteens and happy slapping vandals”. So at least there is a concept behind the whole thing, they are trying to draw attention to a lamentable social phenomenon, to the decline of western civilization, to a ruthless consumerist life style that regurgitates problems and spits back unusable solutions, conform or perish. Very well with all this, too bad both of the tracks consist of nothing more but unalterable, relatively high levels of noise and the necessary electronic screeching in the background. It goes on and on like this, on track 1 as well as track 2, and after several minutes have passed one cannot help but begin to wonder why it keeps going on at all. No difference, no variation, no mercy really.

Of course, the “no-mercy” noise aspect of it may in fact sound appealing to the more die-hard fans of the genre, and truth be told, compared to other similar releases I have here, this is the most interesting, inasmuch as it makes an honest attempt to actually say something. There is more intention I think, behind its making, than to simply annoy the listener and perform some sort of pubescent rebellion against everything that could even vaguely be characterized as “music”. Personally I was bored to death, but I leave a small window of opportunity open for the aforementioned die-hard fans of the genre.