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Grimbergen - A Lonely Place
Thursday, November 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: ZG

A Lonely Place

Artist: Grimbergen Czech Republic

Title: A Lonely Place

Label: Steinklang Industries Austria

Genre: Dark Ambient / Neoclassical

01 A Lonely Man
02 Without Hope
03 Waiting For Better Days
04 Unable To Escape
05 A Constant Feeling
06 Of Frustration And Disappointment
07 We Are The Dead
08 Drainage (Sieben remix)

Grimbergen is a one-man project of Nathan Clemence, once resident of North of England and now dwelling in Czech Rebuplic. Four demos, that were given various appraisals, and a few live shows preceded “A Lonely Place”, which became a debut album, issued on a well-known old (since 1992) label, focused on Industrial–Noise music – Steinklang Industries.

Actually it is quite difficult to classify this kind of music, to say nothing about the thing that classification is always difficult and I’m not very fond of it generally. But still. It is not pure dark ambient as it may seem in the beginning, because in some tracks your ear catches a clear “timpani-like” rhythm, which is peculiar to neoclassical music. Then Dark Ambient can be very different too, divided in some subclasses according to the sound and influences it has. If Bad Sector, for example, is closer to noise music, then Grimbergen is closer to such acts as Raison D’Etre in its atmosphere. However, sometimes it seems music addresses to metal (for example, track seven – We Are The Dead – the synths are so simplistic and sometimes even seem so childish, plain and inexpressive, that it makes me think to the music that former metalheads produce when they suddenly turn away from metal or just want to show their “versatile nature”) and to electro music (the moment at 3:27 and further made me think to some electro act when I listened to the track for the first time. Later I realised it was Fix8:Sed8 – Killing Field from Humanophobia album. I think this kind of mode is quite popular among electro acts). But as far as the strongest influences this album got from Dark ambient and Neoclassical, I’d prefer to classify it this way. I don’t know what makes people write this kind of music: eternal clinical depression, some inner and outer problems..I don’t think it is just the urge to create for the sake of creation, but rather a way out for emotions, feelings, an attempt to say, maybe not always in a way easy to understand or maybe it is a feature of one’s perception that depends on the mood of the person, his condition, the state of things around, emotional balance, anything else on the moment of listening to the music piece.

The means of expression are really different: there we have synths, samples, timpani-like drums, deep voice which sounds as if it is reflected from the rocky walls of a cave or travelling through the huge hall of some monastery (here I catch myself on the thought about Raison D’Etre again). The sound is really deep, filling every single part of the space, multilayer – the things I really like. The artwork completes the atmosphere of the album: the pic of old metal gates, colours of rusty metal, ground and old dirty stones give a feeling of ancient, something that once was forgotten and now raised from the ruins. Maybe it is one of the stories about a man, imprisoned by his own will or with the “help” of human cruelty (or both) in an aforementioned place with neither ability nor wish to escape. Maybe this “Lonely place” indeed is a human mind or human soul with the doors closed, with walls covered with dust and moss, so that nothing and noone could enter within a long time. Why not?


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