(Re) Adjust - Statement

Thursday, November 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST

Contributed by: Sage

Genre: EBM / Synthpop

01 Hard To Die
02 Mein Hass (Rolling Rock Mix)
03 Queen Of Beauty
04 Born To Die (Club Mix)
05 Nackte Angst
06 Shadowland
07 Locked In Silence 08 Sin:phonie Of Life (Ibanez Mix)
09 Break The Silence
10 My Star (Dark Spy Mix)
11 Nackte Angst (Centhron RMX)
12 Schwarze Seele (Crownick RMX)

ReAdjust is an EBM project born out of Germany around 2003 in Germany through the mind of JayKay, the man behind the song writing (though he has recently brought on other members, including this release). He prefers to write about the every day tribulations of life, but it alos has the gothic club sound as well as those subject tendencies lyrically. From what I can understand this is your general EBM project with psuedo-harsh vocals. The band is attempting to do something different but whether or not they've acheived their goal remains to be seen.

For me, "Statement" wasn't nearly as powerful as the biography of the band had led me to believe it would be. Let's start with the vocals. The vocals are neither harsh nor clean, but "rough" as the biography puts it. They're not quite deep enough to be goth, not harsh enough to be listed with the likes of Psyclon 9 and certainly nowhere near the clean ranges of VNV Nation. They almost sound as if some old thrash metaller decided to put down his guitar and whiskey and pick up a drum machine and absinthe. The vocals are the worst part about the album and they could certainly be better in either direction, annoying for the most part. The music isn't slow enough to be droning but not upbeat enough to make one want to dance to it. It reminds me of early attempts at EBM with more melodic sounding industrial projects such as Leaether Strip. This is by no means a club sound, though the music itself would lead you to believe otherwise. I have a feeling people more into the melodic industrial sounds would really enjoy this album. The last thing is the lack of effects/experimentation and the drum machine tone. The cymbals weren't even attmpted to sound non-cheesey from the sounds of it and why would a band not take this opportunity to do a better job in the mixing department by adding small tweaks like effects and whatnot to mix it up a bit? I remember them doing it with the guitar in the Rolling Rock Mix of Mein Hass and it worked out pretty good. Also Queen of Beauty features some very beautiful and talented female vocals. Probably my biggest disappointment came with Locked in Silence -- This track had the potential to be everything the band stated they are in their biography, but instead it just lacked the power on the drums that it desperately needed, even though the power was there on earlier tracks and not in the electronics.

As a first attempt for ReAdjust this is a nice attempt. There are many things to discuss and a large area of things needed to be worked on, but it was pretty impressive as far as the direction they're trying to go. It really reminds me of the old school melodic stuff, and it would nice to see them learn the right production/mixing techniques to give them the edge they need.