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The Fields Of Hay - Songs For Nine Ladies
Thursday, November 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ChAwech

Songs For Nine Ladies

Artist: The Fields Of Hay United Kingdom

Title: Songs For Nine Ladies

Label: Fourth Dimension Records Poland

Genre: Ambient / Experimental

01 Morning In The Early
02 Welcome To Mantra
03 Miracles And Saints
04 Solaaar Afternoons
05 Gabriels Golden Wing (Naked In The Clouds)

The Fields Of Hay is a new project started by Stuart Carter, who's also busy creating music with other projects, including Theme, Splintered and Heroin. All are names I honestly have not heard of before. Also the label this was released on, Fourth Dimension, was unknown to me before. Maybe it has to do with what the discogs.com entry said: "UK Noise label". Not my cup of tea. At all. I intend to keep my ears working until my late 80s, and I do not want them bleeding by listening to.. let's call it music. Luckily, this is as far from noise as possible!

"Morning In The Early" is just that. The world wakes up, birds are singing and you can just feel the morning sun shine on your face as you open the curtains to watch over the mountains. Over the subtle and overly friendly sounds of nature a simple, gentle and melodic tune is played, resulting in a very pleasurable first seven minutes.

The second song has a similar theme, but with added cow-moo's at the start, and after three full minutes the music changes from calm and warm to something more paranoid. All joy seems to be gone and it's almost as if there's an alien invasion on the very gentle landscape from before. Weird sounds, usually connected to UFO's are played over ritual percussion. Think of dark "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" sounds with hypnotising percussion kind of short beats. The title, "Welcome To Mantra" also can point to the UFO visiting, but I wouldn't call this tune a mantra really. It's just too disturbing and too hectic to be one. Just after twelve minutes, the UFO seems gone, a cow is heard again, and the song is done.

"Miracles And Saints" is a combination of a relaxed bassline with various electronic sound effects, both ambience and short sounds reminding of the 'UFO' from the previous song. The whole nine minutes this song lasts, the dance and fight between the acoustic and the electronic continuous. The electronic sounds seem to attack and go in different angry emotions, while the bassline simply keeps calm and deflects all attacts, making the electronic sounds even angrier. A battle between two opposites for sure, and it continues in "Solaaar Afternoons", where the bassline is aided and replaced by acoustic guitar. But the electronic sounds will not give up that easy, and continue to circle around, ready to come crashing in when they find a weak spot. But finally, the acoustics claim victory over the electronics.

As last comes "Gabriels Golden Wing (Naked In The Clouds)", starting with a subtle and minimal piano, slightly disturbed again by sound effects, but one should be used to that happening in this album by now. But this doesn't last long, and the song transforms into something that might be called 'space ambient' by some.

Overall, this release was pretty interesting. This is one of those releases that get more and more interesting after a few times you listening. Personally, I liked the very first song the most; sounds of nature and calm, warm and gentle music. That's simply eargasmic.

There remains but one question; who are the nine ladies from the title?


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