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The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Lubrication
Thursday, November 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ZG


Artist: The Peoples Republic Of Europe Netherlands

Title: Lubrication

Label: New Darkness Recordings Netherlands

Genre: Rhythmic Industial / Power Noise / Dark Ambient

01 Burden
02 Demolisher
03 Death
04 FSM
05 Lucifer
06 Lubrication
07 Absurdist
08 Jumonji Girl
09 Lesbian Anal Fisting
10 Laceration
11 Shake That Booty
12 The Tokugawa Solution
13 The Myth of Sisyphus

“Lubrication” is the fourth album of Dutch power noise/dark ambient band The Peoples Republic of Europe, that is [krat] and [noir], and it is released on their own label called New Darkness Recordings. As it happens quite often, the band was started as a pure experiment with sounds. That happened on the 4th of June 2000, the day when the first demo was recorded. At that time the band had dark ambient sound, which turned into rhythmic industrial areas later, when inspiration was found in the music produced by Ant-zen. The album that was called the best industrial album in Netherlands in the Dutch music press was released in 2006 and called “Under Stress”. It became quite popular (on the level of underground artists, of course) worldwide and got rotation in many underground clubs, including the US. And finally “Lubrication” saw the world – a set of heavy dancefloor hits.

The music presented is the kind of sound I’m fond of – the whole effect is reached with the help of noisy background (which came from times when the band was focused on dark ambient music, I guess), the ones that remind me Karjalan Sissit. You don’t quite understand what’s happening, you just realise that something is happening. It creates the mood and all other sounds are added one by one. It is like an ornament that appears on the sheet from other sounds: after some time you start to differ deep pulsating bass, then other sounds appear to finish the whole picture. From this point I’d compare it with such bands as Iszoloscope (but only to the point of having this atmosphere of wholeness, atmospheric background that doesn’t allow the music to turn into the set of blasting beats) and Xotox. Generally the music is a mix between power noise and dark ambient accompanied with the samples in the background from time to time.

Among the people/bands that were thanked in the booklet I managed to notice quite unexpected ones like Clan of Xymox and H.E.R.R. Would it be fair to consider that a kind of a link between goth, industrial and neofolk genres? Then, speaking about the cover and booklet, they consist of a set of abstract pictures. Some reminded me either metal corrosion or water (rain?) drops running down the surface and carrying paint before it has time to dry out; some are just live pictures from a performance and the other ones are just something I still cannot figure out what – mechanisms that stayed a mystery to me.

Speaking about the conception of this album if there’s any - maybe the whole conception is provocation? The title of the album as well and the track titles are ambiguous and provocative. For example, Tokugawa Solution (Tokugawa was a Japanese feudal ruler, who ruled the Mito domain and contributed to the rise of nationalism and the Meiji restoration) or the cite in the booklet, saying in french “I’d like, and that is my last and most strong wish, I’d like the last king to be suffocated with the guts of the last priest ”. It is a cite of Jean Meslier, catholic priest who was discovered, upon his death, to have written a book-length philosophical essay promoting atheism.

As the band says, compared to the previous albums that had a clear conception, this one is kind of “empty” from this point of view and presents just a collection of dance floor hits. But anyways, does it really make it worse?


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