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Xeohl - Un Genre De Noir
Monday, October 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Un Genre De Noir

Artist: Xeohl France

Title: Un Genre De Noir

Label: Eisiger Mond Productions France

Genre: Black Metal

01 Le Hurlement Du Vent Pire
02 L’art(r)iste Dans La Mort
03 Tourbillon, Tourbe Sillon
04 Six Lances Figées Dans La Torpeur
05 Meurtri Par Les Crocs Glaçants De La Nuit Ou Le Noir Absolu

Contemporary black metal...something the French scene is very known for. Bands whom insist on not only experimentation but finding their own little corner of the darkness in which to create their own portrait of evil. Xeohl is a band on Eisigermond Productions in which not much is known. There's not much on this album that is french so as far as ideology and what this band is about, I do not know, but if what is on metal archives can be trusted, they are about intelligence and humor in the same frequencies. I'm not sure how that would work but if that's what they wish to create then so be it. The band was spewed forth from the foul womb of black metal in 2006 under the monker of Culte Noir. After the name change, their first full-length album, Un Genre de Noir, was released on Eisigermond Productions and is limited to 300 copies on Pro CD-R. Where the band is now in terms of operations is unknown but they seem fairly active on their myspace website.

The music as a whole isn't necessarily experimental but does take a different approach that bands such as Deathspell Omega and Avichi have tried in recent memory, using discordance and disharmony to their advantage. While the guitar work is fairly complex in nature, the bass is more or less rather simplistic, and utilizes only clean channels without reverb. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it seems to fit the music more often than it does not. Also, the production is top notch. Filled with immensely heavy atmospheres, it ladens upon mists within your speakers and gently drifts through your mind as an infesting evil virus. This is a great debut effort from a new band on the French front.

This release and label gives me hope for the future of the french scene. Neither Aura Mystique nor Drakkar, the two prominent labels in France for me, have done anything to imply the scene itself was going downhill, but at some point all empires must end. I can only hope that the French's time is far away. Support this label.


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