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Schwadron - Ave Satana
Monday, October 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: empty j

Ave Satana

Artist: Schwadron Germany

Title: Ave Satana

Label: Piacere Productions Germany

Genre: Industrial / Noise

01 Ave Satana
02 Feuer
03 Pathonautik
04 Gas Chamber Solution
05 Wacht Auf !
06 Demoralize
07 Satan At My Back
08 The Devil Is A Socialist

Have I travelled back in time ? While it seems obvious that Schwadron have an affinity for Whitehouse, this offering comes across more like something out of the Boston scene of the 80's a la Sleep Chamber or Women Ov The SS (minus the overtly sexual overtones). I won't pretend to be an expert on Germanic military history or the occult, but these subjects seem to be touchstones for this releases inspiration. Whether these issues are glorified or merely commented on is a mystery to me (and I'm not sure I want to know) so I only have the music to go by. If the devil is a socialist then what economic paradigm might God be partial to ? My knowledge of the German language fails me here.

The pivotal member of Schwadron is apparently one D.V. (none of the members are identified beyond initials) who founded the group in 2001. P.M. is the other chief member with vocal contributions on a couple of tracks by B.V. who I'm led to believe is female. The general aesthetic is low-rent confrontational electronic noise with a hearty nod to the industrial old-school. The most redeeming quality of this is the rhythm track employed on 'Pathonautik' that brings to mind early S.P.K. or even pre-dance-oriented Portion Control. Otherwise it's pretty rudimentary tone-generated rumbles and hisses with heavily processed vocals. The openeing track is promosing enough with some celestial/bestial chior sampling and high-frequency bits, but only lasts for two minutes. 'Feuer' seems to be based on a traditional song that features some vocal histrionics that are one of the standouts on the disk. The unfortunately titled 'Gas Chamber Solutions' is downright nauseating with it's oscillator sweeps and creep voice treatments, but perhaps that's the point. The following track is like an encyclopedia entry on what 'industrial music' should sound like : drills, feedback, Teutonic speech and a non-descript pulse...like 'Hamburger Lady' during an even worse burn victim's nurses shift. This could be taken as a compliment, but I've heard it before and done much better. And I don't recommend the chili-mac.

'Demoralize' and 'Satan At My Back' flow together like a single work characterized by menacing vocals and low-end heavy electronics. Not so bad really, but the voice sounds dated and honestly a bit silly. The concluding track is dominated by an old recording that I presume condemns the virtues of Socialism against some unsettling bass fequencies. Again my ignorance of the German language keeps me listening as an outsider, so if any one has some insight to a discernible message here then please let me know.

What else can I say ? Although I think I know where Schwadron is coming from, 'Ave Satana' is not my cup of mead. I'm weary of the philosophical impetus behind the work as well, but ultimately that's my problem, eh ? If you're into heavy retro-industrial flavors without the harsh noise aspect then maybe you should snatch up on these 157 copies. Ok, so 157 is a nice prime number but does it have some significance that I'm not aware of ? Maybe I have more homework to do than I thought. So much for a good night's sleep.


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