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Ars Diavoli - The Absence Of Light (Demo)
Monday, October 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

The Absence Of Light (Demo)

Artist: Ars Diavoli Portugal

Title: The Absence Of Light (Demo)

Label: Debemur Morti Productions France

Genre: Black Metal

01 Essęncia Corrompida
02 Penúria
03 Human Mass Suicide
04 Horizontes Perdidos

This is part one of three short black metal demos sent in to us from the brilliant Debemur Morti Productions of whom I was first acquainted with through their Haemoth LP release of "Satanik Terrorism". Ars Diaboli's "The Absence of Light Demo" is possibly one of the coldest and most depressive releases that I have heard from the label as of yet. Full of desolate soundscapes and saddened atmospheres, Ars Diavoli are a new breed of depressive black metal arising from unheard of countries such as their native Portugal. There aren't many bands to come out of Portugal that one can remember except perhaps Process of Guilt and the ever imaginative Moonspell. This reason alone makes this demo a rare gem, but the music...oh, the music....

This solo project of Villkacis (See: Malleus) features two different perplexing sides of the mind that meet dead in the middle to create something straight out of only our saddest dreams. This is a land where our nightmares meet our bitter memories, a landscape full of fallen friends and tortured souls, where we can only fall and weep in remorse and fear. The aura is epic in its overwhelming bleakness and the setting is one final revolution of evil's forces. The vocals alone are enough to make one feel surrounded by a most unsettling scenario. Fairly foreboading, immensely dark, The Absence of Light is exactly what it puts forth: Pure nothingness, space, vacuum, absolute and utter darkness.

For four tracks adding up to just over 20 minutes, it becomes agonizing to finish. Imagine this world absolutely ravaged by the forces of hell, and our souls left stakes upon inverted crosses to watch the end in dismay and spend the rest of eternity bleeding foul liquids in excruciating pain. This is what you will here in The Absence of Light. This is what you will witness in The Absence of Light. This is how you will perish in The Absence of Light.

Part 2: Rebirth Of Nefast - Only Death (Demo)
Part 3: Slidhr - Demo 2006


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