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Matadors - Flame The Whisper
Monday, October 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Flame The Whisper

Artist: Matadors Sweden

Title: Flame The Whisper

Label: Devil Doll Records United States

Genre: Normal Rock

01 21st Century Monotomy Disco
02 New WAve Coke
03 The Fresh
04 The Duel
05 Ahead of my Time
06 Down in the Dumps (Like Nobody Else)
07 So you Judge me from the Volume of my Band?
08 Tango de la Muerte
09 Like a Matador Pt. I
10 The Luscious Cabaret
11 Mere a Cipher
12 Ode to LE G
13 Ditched on a Pile
14 Flame the Whisper
15 Sod's Law
16 Just like Lucy Said

Matadors is a rough one for me to appreciate. Out of all the music I love, they create music that blends many of the genres I can't stand. They are influenced by everything from normal rock and punk rock to what is described as "dirty tango" and "ol' country twang". I've seen a lot of praise on this band from several underground reviews but personally I don't think they've got much on other modern rock bands that is as unique as everyone is claiming they are. Sure, the band combines some very strange genres, but it sounds like a lot of what has been being played for 20-30 years now, everything from old Rolling Stones to newer hardcore and punk efforts.

I have never been much of a rocker. When it came to music like this, I have ALWAYS preferred my music heavy and fast. This album features not much of either. It's not even much of a party album. Music like this has always seemed pretty useless to me because its so overwhelmingly tedious and dull. The sad thing is there are some bands on Devil Doll Records that are really tearing it up at the moment but they seem to be focusing much of their promotions on this release. It needs to be said though that this isn't a terrible album because of musicianship or talent. There is nothing at all wrong with the music on this album which is the general case with albums like this. This is just definitely not my style and not something I can connect with. Labels need to understand that at Heathen Harvest we do not cover rock as a normal genre unless its immensely dark in nature, or of a gothic/industrial/noise/ambient twinge. We love instrumental rock here. This is just not our style.

So here is the honest truth: This music is very well written new rock. Its style is unsimilar to much of what is out there today, but does hold its roots with older bands. However, as a journalist here, and speaking for all of the others here as well, this is not something that we really know much about here or wish to bring in here. Indie Rock has more or less destroyed a large sector of the underground and its this reason that I wish to steer clear of the genre. Old school rockers, you should really enjoy this one.


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