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Abigor Interview; Cold Void Choir
Saturday, September 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Perceptron

Part I:  “Fractal Possession” New Album

Heathen Harvest:  Some months ago the torture of waiting finally stopped leaving place for another form of audio torture, the eagerly-awaited "Fractal Possession".  Here and there on the web I could see positive reactions towards this album.  Can you tell us a bit more about both positive and negative feedbacks you got about the new album?

Peter Kubik:  The reactions and reviews on Fractal Possession are great so far, I haven’t read any negative review yet, maybe that’s because no one really expected an album like that. People knew that Abigor’s back, but not more, and we didn’t want to limit us in that case, so Fractal Possession covers a very broad spectrum of “musical influences”, however, some like it others not, as always. In fact, we’re satisfied with the album: it’s a new chapter in ABIGOR’s history…

HH:  Speaking of innovation, I can honestly say your latest album puts into question black metal standard definitions… It sounds rhythmically audacious (although not belonging to the ‘deathmetalized’ black metal), filled with unexpected and delightful transitions, and still marked with this unique 'hellish' atmosphere, renewed and exploring other dimensions. What did you want to achieve technically with this album and did you reach it?

P.K.:  As said, we didn’t set us any limit, Fractal Possession is the result of influences and ideas from the last 3 years we worked more or less separated. We knew it’ll be a technical album at least, it’s definitely not an easy-listening album: you need time and some calm moments to get its real essence…

HH:  The atmosphere of "Satanized" sounded much more "futuristic" to my ears and it seems this disturbed many fans who were awaiting some classic Abigor. But, it seems you made things differently for "Fractal Possession": the atmosphere is less futuristic, but getting almost impossible to define or categorize: simply avant-garde, in advance of its time...  Was it what you wanted to reach with this album: less futuristic and subtler?

P.K.:  We didn’t want to reach anything! We had ideas and songs and we felt the need to record, arrange and release it in its best possible way, Fractal Possession is the result!

HH:  Aren't you fed up of people awaiting from you always the same Abigor: "orthodox" "trve" black metal comparable to your early/mid-career releases?

P.K.:  Personally, I am really pissed about it! So far none of our records sounds equal to the previous and especially Fractal Possession. I mean ABIGOR was “dead” for more then 3 years, why the fuck should we record some kind of “part 2” from any album? We don’t focus on the past, we’re back to step to the future…

Thus, can we say that for Abigor's band members the innovative, evolutional inclination is definitely stronger than inertia, tradition, peoples' gossips and opinions?

P.K.:  We’re all very different persons with very different views, ABIGOR is the union, the only thing that unites us, I won’t say more about that.

HH: Yet, the atmosphere you depict always has really something of a psychological hell, something 'obsessively mind-torturing'? Are you inspired by mental illnesses, or personal torments?

P.K.:  That depends on the personal point of view, at least aren’t we all just on the other side of the mirror….?!

HH:  Now, conceptually: I know "Fractal Possession" wasn't designed as concept album. Are the themes of Satanism, paganism, mental insanity still here? Or you've other sources of inspirations and other themes you wished to express on "Fractal Possession"?

Fractal Possession is (just as all our previous records) deeply rooted and based on satanic values, no paganism or alternative believes here, Black-Metal in its purest essence. Lyrical it’s a complex and cold album, straight and confused as well.

Part II:  The Band: Past, Evolution, Functioning, Future:

HH:  What kind of regard you have on Abigor currently? Do you regret any choice? Were the band's evolution and longevity expected, planned?

We don’t plan anything, nor do we regret anything yet. ABIGOR is still a very personal band for us, and as said, we’re all very different individuals, only ABIGOR unites us, so there’s no possibility to plan anything for example…

Since its beginnings, we could see that each Abigor's album is as well truthful to former albums, as highly innovative. Where do you find your inspiration?  Do you follow more or less the black metal evolution of bands such as Mayhem, Emperor, Seth?

P.K.:  We don’t follow the evolution of music: it’s just a natural step. As we change as individuals, as all that influences us at least, changes the music of ABIGOR in one way or the other. We don’t care how Black-Metal sounds like today: ABIGOR defines Black-Metal as it’s a part of our innermost self, it’s Satanic values expressed through music.

HH:  How do you consider the temporary death of Abigor looking back? Was this split a real necessity or do you regret it? How did you experience it: was it difficult to stand? A loss?

P.K.:  It was the best decision back in 2003! I had problems with the line-up, the label, the Black-Metal “scene”, I was pissed by so many things so I decided to lay it all down. I worked with Hellbound, ideas on St. Lucifer, at least in got hand in hand we decided to resurrect.

HH:  How does your band function? Who's doing what in the band? Who brings ideas, riffs, before? Does the concept precede the music or the opposite?

P.K.:  T.T. and I are responsible for the music, A.R. will do the lyrics and vocals, that’s how it works. I create riffs and record it, T.T. too, we send us files, create rough song-structures till we’re satisfied with the result of a song/album-“concept” then we start the recordings at T.T.’s Hell-Lab Studio. There aren’t any structures, real ideas when we start to compose new material; that just comes along natural during the basic recordings. We don’t have a rehearsal room, nor do we met for rehearsing, we work separated, in the end we unite it and everyone adds his opinion…

With this latest album, there's been a line-up change: a new singer. Was it easy to find a new one suiting Abigor's aims? Are you satisfied with him?

P.K.:  A.R. is the best choice so far! He has a great spectrum of this voice, he’s dedicated to ABIGOR, that’s important…

Do you regret Silenius’ departure from Abigor? Was it a big loss for the band or not?

P.K.:  Back in 1999 yes, nowadays I don’t regret it, time changes…

HH:  On each of your release, we can feel technical improvement, and the never-ending development of the rich unique and non Scandinavian Abigor style. Do you think there's an Austrian BM style? Has Abigor been influential among smaller bands?

P.K.:  We never really thought about our style, nor if we influence other bands…

How much do band members train to reach, maintain and improve the technical skills required for playing Abigor music?

P.K.:  The longer you play an instrument, the better you get, there’s no secret behind it….

HH:  What about the fact you signed on End All Life Productions: why decided you to change? What are positive and negative points of this change? Do you prefer the fact it is a rather small underground non-commercial label?

We did not change, the deal with Napalm Records was over, and they ripped us off for a few years, so it was time for a dedicated label that suits perfect to ABIGOR: END ALL LIFE!
So far we only got positive reaction on our choice, EAL have a good name, a good distribution, the only release quality and have mental attitudes that supports each Black-Metal band to 200%...

HH:  Abigor must be a really important project for you and especially for Thomas (NB: Thomas is only busy with Abigor): you invest much of your skills in this band, as you certainly would have the potential to play in other bands, play more commercial stuff and earn lots more money.
As I understood in an interview, although you’re part of several projects, for you Abigor is not only a band, but it is the way for you to be fulfilled. Is it still that important? Even truer today?

T.T. and I are only involved with ABIGOR, all other bands are laid to ice for more then 2 years now. I might do bass in HELLBOUND’s upcoming album, but I won’t write material anymore, so ABIGOR is of course most important at the moment!

You don't want to play live: it's a peculiarity of Abigor, and the source of regrets for many fans, I guess. Are there still the same reasons now than years before? Not enough time to do it? Insufficient quality of live sound in comparison to your expectations? Not enough means? Simply no interest?

P.K.: Accept it, there’s no more to say, we won’t play live!

HH:  As we can see on the news of your website, you're currently working on new songs for a split "7 with Blacklodge. It seems now Abigor is alive again you want him to be even more active, although your last release has been issued not that long ago. How do you see the future of Abigor?

I don’t know, the 2 songs for the Blacklodge / Abigor 10” MCD will be recorded soon, also I already started the pre-recordings on the new songs for an upcoming album, time will tell…

Can you tell us a bit more about this forthcoming Abigor/Blacklodge split? How did the idea come?

I can’t remember about the idea, it developed, it’ll be one lyrical concept done by 2 bands, 4 songs or something, maybe combined to one song, a concept of Satan=Time.

Part III:  Personal Interests, Projects & Views

HH:  How are your other musical projects going on? (Hellbound, Heidenreich, December Fog, Grabesmond)

P.K.:  First of all, I am not involved in any other projects at the moment, nor do I plan anything!! HELLBOUND, I was guitarist of the band, and MAYBE I’ll do bass on an upcoming album. HEIDENREICH was a band I did back in 1995-1997, dead. DECEMBER FOG was a band I did the guitars for back in 1995! GRABESMOND is/was the band of my wife, it’s laid to ice, I was involved in the back in 1994/1995!

HH:  Which are the bands/projects or musical genre you're currently listening to? Which of them might have inspired you?

P.K.:  I listen 90% to Metal, currently I am into MAYHEM’s Ordo Ad Chao for example, but also traditional shit as Slayer or Metallica’s St. Anger, Funeral Mist, Marduk, I simply listen to everything I like, and yes, that all might influence me, no doubt…

HH:  Is there a future for black metal in general or has it faded / is it going to fade as quick as a musical ‘Sturm und Drang’? Would this death awake your nostalgia, cynicism, both, or simply indifference?

Who cares about that? Time will tell.

HH:  According to many interviews I read, it seems you disregard most of the Black Metal scene nowadays.  Something tells me you disregard the commercial orientation of music and that you value artistic integrity and sincerity. Do you agree with that? "Art for art"?

Everyone has to decide for themselves, but ABIGOR is not commercial orientated, if we sell 500’000 records fine, if not, who cares?! I am really tired of wasting thoughts on such topics…

HH:  In several interviews you stated that the Austrian Black Metal scene is only represented by 3 bands of interest: Summoning, Abigor and Amestigon. Do you still have this point of view? Is the whole nowadays Black Metal scene consisting mostly of shitty bands? What about the Austrian scene?

None of us is really involved in the Black-Metal scene anymore, we’re all 30+ and none really cares about it. ABIGOR is still the biggest Black-Metal band (not arrogant, that’s a fact!), SUMMONING isn’t more then some boring Fantasy Metal in my opinion; it has nothing to do with Black-Metal anymore. I am not up to date about AMESTIGON but they’ve always been very dedicated to the essence of Black-Metal, maybe they’ll strike back one day…

Do you have any interests in the flourishing post-industrial scenes (dark-/neofolk, power noise, noise, ‘martial industrial’, EBM, and other gothic subgenres)?

No really, sometimes I hear this or that from my wife, but I am not into it at all…

What is your activity beside Abigor? What do you usually do during your free time?

I’ve a full time job, beside that I spent my spare time with mountain-biking, fitness or also studying the dark-arts…

Of course, the domain of spirituality is a personal one. I've read in various interviews your mysterious interests for Satanism, paganism, occult philosophy, and you creating your personal cults, rituals. Without any attempt to break in your ‘inner sanctum’, could you tell us a bit more about the values you support: individualism, intelligence, 'survival of the fittest', misanthropy scepticism, agnosticism, freedom and independency of thought, or any other ideology, value, philosophy?


What are you currently reading? Still reading scientific books, books about aforementioned topics?

P.K.:  I’ll soon get a lost book of Crowley, I dislike most of his writings but that seems to be interesting…  Beside that I am still into Mikro-Macrocosm books, parallel-dimensions, shit like that…

Here feel free to add any other comment, any other message you want to HH readers.

P.K.:  Thanx for your support & interest, check out Fractal Possession.

HH:  Thank you! And Hails to the Grand Duke of Hell!


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