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Stormfågel Interview; A Traditional Aesthetic
Saturday, September 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Demian Mikeypup

É = Éva Mag
A = Anders

Heathen Harvest: 
On your new album on Cold Meat Industries, _Ett Berg Av Fasa_, there are song titles in Swedish and in Hungarian as well as English. Could you translate the titles and then also explain what the background and meanings of each song on the album?

  1. "Sköldmön":  A song/poem written by one of the great swedish female poets Karin Boye.  Translated into English by David McDuff in 'Karin Boye: Complete poems'.


I dreamed about swords last night.
I dreamed about battle last night.
I dreamed I fought by your side
armoured and strong, last night.

Lightning flashed harsh from your hand,
and the giants fell at your feet.
Our ranks closed lightly and sang
in silent darkness' threat.

I dreamed about blood last night.
I dreamed about death last night.
I dreamed I fell by your side
with a mortal wound, last night.

You marked not at all that I fell.
Earnest was your mouth.
With steady hand the shield you held,
and went your way straight forth.

I dreamed about fire last night.
I dreamed about roses last night.
I dreamed my death was fair and good.
So did I dream last night.

  1. "...but there was a Hammer"
  2. "Az idegen jövö'" / "The unknown future" lyrics wrtitten by Éva Mag.  This song is about love, unforbidden love between same sex and the harm it can cause with peoples unsensitive hawk eyes.
  3. "Kis Kece lányom":  An old childrens song, strange though considering the lyrics that explains a girl in white with white rose in her hand and is about to get married.
  4. "Várj meg vándor" / "Wait for me Migrant" lyrics written by Éva Mag.  Heart and sorrow of course.
  5. "Ett berg av fasa" / "A Mountain of Fear":  A speechsample from the movie The Virgin Spring by Ingmar Bergman, read by Allan Edwall. In this scene Allan describes for a little boy who travels with two rapists and murderers what is going to happen to just rapists and murderers.  It's a really strong scene in one of my favorite films ever.

HH:  How, when, where, why did you two meet?

S:  We met first time when we were teens thru another friend and played together a bit than had a pause for a while and than Andreas called me and thats the way..

HH:  What is it that you two perform on this album?

É:  Do you mean what kind of instruments? I make all the music on the computer. Then Mikael (Stormfågels third member) adds flutes and guitar, some other friends add violin and keyfiddle. If you mean more like 'What do you try to communicate?'  the answer is: I have no idea!  Or well, I have. It's my way of dealing with the breakup from my highschool sweetheart that I had lived together with for 14 years. But how this may be heard in the music I don't know. 'Den nalkande stormen' were more about hate, frustration and a wish to beat the living daylight out of almost everybody. 'Ett berg av fasa' is more melancholic, thoughtful and sad in a way.  Now I'm more at peace with myself so the music on our next album, Eldvakt, will sound like Pussycat Dolls! ;)

HH:  What is your life like where you live? Where do you live?

A:  We both live in Stockholm. I've recently quit my work as a lumberjack and works now in a shop. Éva study at Kungliga konsthögskolan (The Royal University Of Fine Arts) and makes a living as a Photographer.

HH:  What is that photograph on the back of the CD?

Stormfågel:  That is a picture Roger Karmanik found.  We think it works well with the first song on the album (Sköldmön).

HH:  How did you get in touch with Cold Meat Industries?

A:  I sent my first demo, Kinder der Vergangenheiten, Helden aus den grauen Zeiten, to CMI and Roger liked it.  Sometimes things move quickly in life...  And for me as a Swede and an old fan of many Cold Meat-bands it's a dream.

HH:  What are your influences with musik, books, movies?

É:  My influences is Hungarian folk music and other Hungarian related lyrics.

  Swedish folk music, European film, good Swedish poets (like Dan Andersson, Karin Boye, Nils Ferlin and so on and so on...), European history and modern politics.

HH:  What are your performance plans?  Who might you want to perform with as well?

A:  The only gig we have left this year is in Augsburg (Germany) on November 17th. It will be an amazing evening with Brighter Death Now, Deutsch Nepal, In Slaughter Natives, Coph Nia, Rome and of course Stormfågel. We won't play live for more then 2 - 3 times a year 'cause lack of time. I don't have any 'dream partner' when it comes to live performance. There are no idols left... But I would like to perform together with some CMI-bands in a church. Just 'cause I think much CMI-music would work marvelous in a church. The music combined with the architecture and the 'feeling' in an old church...

HH:  What might be some goals, dreams, visions for life?

É:  Visions and dreams for life is to be able to live and develop out of/within the art, photography and music I do and a big happy family of course.

A:  Of course to be able to live by the art. But besides that...to one day wake up and don't feel the pain of living. To be all thru happy, totally drunk or just numb. The day that I don't go round hating the human race and all the shit we're doing, that day will be a good day. Until then I will make myself heard from the rooftop! ;) Or maybe just keep on making music...

HH:  What are the struggles in your lives and your musikal expressions?

A:  It's an on-going struggle to fight stupidity, what ever form it may take. It's a struggle to just don't la  down your weapons and give up. Life is constant struggle against itself. The music on the other hand comes naturally. I don't have to force myself to compose. Ah! I just realized another struggle I have to fight when I accidentally dropped my cigarette on the keyboard. The fight against nicotine!

HH:  Can you describe your discography from the beginning to the present, and which ones are available?

  • Kinder der Vergangenheiten, Helden aus den grauen Zeiten. Self released 2005 (Not available)
  • Den Nalkande Stormen. (CMI 2005.10.31) Our first record and here has Éva joined Stormfågel
  • Ett Berg Av Fasa. (CMI 2007) The followup. A record we are quit satisfied with. Here we have started to work with Mikael Bergström (who later becomes a member of Stormfågel).

At the moment we're working on two different records. Eldvakt, which is our next full length album and Svenska Visor which is a 4 or 5 track record that only will be available at concerts.

HH:  What is it that you are trying to communicate in your photographs and the aesthetiks of your graphiks/art?

É:  With the photographs I would like to give my/our vision of the classical view of man and woman where it is obvious that they are different but still equal in their relationship and life. They are both hardworking humans and respectful to one another.


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