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Trelldom (Gaahl) Interview; In Memory...
Saturday, September 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Forlorn Eremite

Heathen Harvest:  What inspired you to record a third album in this series after many years?

It was planned since 95, and started 2001, but was delayed by studio problems.

HH:  How is this album an evolution of your music?

G:  It everything I want to represent. With this album, it is a necessity of  patience, the remembrance of one.

HH:  What influenced the title of the album?

G:  The part of the soul containing memory, one of nine aspects of  of the soul from Norse beliefs

HH:  How long did it take to create this album?

G:  It was started in 2001.

Do you have plans for a fourth part in this series?

G:  In the series there will be six more albums.

HH:  What feelings inspired the atmosphere you created?

G:  It deals with ones inner emotions, one has to listen to the work itself.

HH:  Is there anything more you would have liked to have added to this work?

G:  No, this is complete.

HH:  Do you have plans for anything completely solo?

G:  It might happen.

HH:  Why did you write the lyrics in Norwegian?

G:  That is the  language I can express the most with.

HH:  Who do you expect to be your main audience?

G:  I don't expect any kind of audience for me, I think whoever seeks can be a potential listener, no matter what culture one derives from.

HH:  What would you consider to be the most thought provoking aspect of this work?

G:  I don't know if its provoking.

HH:  What are your hopes for the future of your music?

G:  To be able to express what I want.

HH:  Do you gain relief expressing yourself musically after completing a work?

G:  Yes, I can reflect upon my self, I can look upon my self from a differ ant angle.

HH:  Do you consider there to be a spiritual element to this album?

G:  Definitely, it deals with spirits and lessons of soul.

HH:  What are some examples of these spiritual lessons in the music?

G:  Inherited memory, remembering what Odin taught, and what he taught his children of which I am one.


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