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Rough Sex Quartet / The Mutant Turd Trio / Monopolka - Live In Newcastle
Saturday, September 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: empty j

Rough Sex Quartet / The Mutant Turd Trio / Monopolka - Live In Newcastle

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Rough Sex Quartet / The Mutant Turd Trio / Monopolka - Live In Newcastle

Label: Turgid Animal United Kingdom


Side A
1 Rough Sex Quartet

Side b
1 The Mutant Turd Trio
2 Monopolka

This tape documents three sets recorded on a February evening at the Chillingham Arms pub in the UK earlier this year. To call it lo-fi would be an understatement because it sounds like utter shite. That one Lee Stockoe would even want to take credit for recording it is beyond me. It's a room recording so any musical subtlety or otherwise sonically intriguing details are lost. The fidelity of the tape inevitably influences my criticism of the sounds herein. Either way, here it is : raw and noisy in an edition of 32 red k7s.

Newcastle's own Rough Sex Quartet occupy the first side and certainly don't plow any new ground. It comes across as a pure noise-for-noises-sake performance with some rumbling bass and squealing feedback in the upper range, while the mids soak up the difference and some undesired room ambience. Ultimately it goes nowhere and does nothing. I can imagine that it could have been an enjoyable live experience after a pint or two, but as a document it does nothing for me. The gratuitous amount of audience chatter doesn't really add anything either.

The Mutant Turd Trio is something of a Yorkshire noise scene supergroup, combining the efforts of Mutant Ape, Filthy Turd (as opposed to a clean one ?) and Sex Tourist. It's a rather pedestrian noise but with better timbral and dynamic variety than on the first side. I envision tables full of pedals and a shortwave radio set to self-destruct with tiny voices dancing in and out of audibility. When the trio hit their stride about halfway in, things get pretty engaging. It's obvious that they are playing off of one another and are actually listening like any decent improvisor should. It's menacing yet playful, especially when some semblance of a groove sets in with a groaning vocal accompaniment towards the end. Overall, a pretty tight set...too bad it sounds like crap.

Russia's Monopolka round out the tape with sharp blasts of noise that sound like some equipment is being destroyed in the process. As far as I can surmise this is vocal processing of the filthiest varity. It's sloppy as hell while remaining visceral and I'd bet my last euro that this was the performance highlight of the evening. Remind me a bit of some old Dog As Master augmented by the aid of some illicit stimulant.

The tape itself as well as the Turgid Animal website offer no links to the individual artists so I left to guess at what's going on here. I'm sure it was a fun evening at the pub, but let me reiterate : the tape sounds like shit ! I'd love to hear these guys in a more well-recorded context, but this is all I have to go by. If nothing else, this releases serves as a reminder that there are noise scenes all over the planet these days. It also serves as a reminder that everything that gets recorded doesn't warrant a release.


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