++99 - Weltverschrickung

Wednesday, August 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT

Contributed by: Perceptron

Genre: Ambient / Rhythm 'n' Noise

01 20rad steigend
02 social sick
03 regressive riot
04 atomtraum

“20rad steigend” is some kind of ambient whose calm is regularly broken by piercing noises. “social sick” truly begins the riot with some parasite noises slowly building a pattern followed by other more regular noises. Here no more ambient aspect: true rhythmic noise! The whole is much distorted and parasite. After 1.45 synths appears. Here we can find for a short time the same contrast between a main rhythmic noisy line and some ambient background pattern. But actually, these rather intervene to phrase the track than as a complement. The atmosphere is really dark as well as The rhythmic noisy part consists of a main beat, really low and quite powerful, some distorted and copiously parasite noises. This is an interesting track, although the synths really contrast in a weird way together with the rest, for they’re very clear and quite loud. Someone really fussy may also argue they aren’t precisely aligned on rhythm.

“regressive riot” begins in the same fashion as the previous track: some noises building a structure quickly replaced by a looped simple pattern. Here the structure sounds less linear, with several parts. The sounds still are much distorted and corroded again with low beats together. But here, beats are even lower, some sounds getting closer to some metal clings appear and high pitched gratings. Most of the sounds really seem artificial: it isn’t about raw industrial done through samples. The result is really interesting: as easy to dance on, as pleasant to play at alone home for a deeper listening… The supreme proof: as the track stops all of a sudden, the listener may throw an anxious and hungry look at his/her stereo. Such a track simply appeals to more: it makes one’s mouth water…

“atomtraum” rather evolves into an ambient realm. One feels cloaked in some dark place surrounded by a wide crushing vibration and various other industrial noises…

Too short! Why? ‘Cos too good!

Although with mostly simple rhythms and structure, ++99 with this 4-tracked mini CD is a really good surprise!

Second and third track presents some good quality rhythmic noise, with some more or less obvious ambient and indus elements. This band may not remain anything well-known within the genre, or maybe some Winterkälte because of the bombastic drum-like heavy beats contrasting with higher-pitched distorted sounds. It’s worth paying 6 Euros… Knowing this is a do-it-yourself label presenting self-produced releases, this even is more exhilarating!

Finally, everything indicates we may benefit from paying closer attention to Le Petit Machiniste’s releases! A free downloadable compilation, plus some previews of ++99 tracks are available on the LPM website.