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Lily's Puff - Heaven Frowns
Wednesday, August 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Heaven Frowns

Artist: Lily's Puff Italy

Title: Heaven Frowns

Label: Ark Records Italy

Genre:  Trip Hop / Gothic Rock

01 Prelude
02 The Rope
03 Distant Walking
04 Under City Lights
05 Kitchen Element
06 Serpentine
07 All Same Words
08 A Song
09 Kitchen Element
10 Wake Up

Lily's Puff is a four-piece gothic styled trip hop outfit from Italy.  The band originally got its start in a more acoustic way.  Apparently long before this album was released, it was more of a piano + gothic male vocal type project with only two members; Marco Fabro and Chiara Barichello.  Today though, after the departure of original member Chiara and the inclusion of two new members over the span of several albums, Lily's Puff finds themselves with a brand new identity.  The sound now has a much more electronic appeal and has left behind most of its acoustic frequencies, though it does still retain some aspects of acoustic instruments.

Italy, for some time now, has had one of the most unique and dark gothic scenes in the world.  Not only full of musicians whom actually know how to play their instruments rather than EBM idols whom push buttons continuously, but they have more sophistication to their scene.  Perhaps it is the romanticism left over in their beautiful cities and countrysides from eras past, perhaps it is the dark architecture and history of the country itself, but it is a sure thing that Italy has the most abnormal gothic heritage in the world today.  So to me it is no surprise that Marco's voice and demeanor are so strange.  Even his image is fairly nightmarish, with a slim face and dark eyes, he looks as if he's a man possessed.  His voice is much different than most gothic artists, seemingly being even more agonizing and torturous than most other male vocalists.

The electronics features in Heaven Frowns are fairly unique in their minimalism.  Most bands that attempt a sound like that push forth a more complex machine atmosphere.  Marco is perfectly comfortable laying and morphing with the shadows in every aspect of the phrase; the life, the image, the music, it is all incredibly dark and unformed.  Virtually the man himself is a shadow.  There is certainly a feeling of insanity brought about through the music with his particular style and use of disharmonics, as well as noise influxes during intense sections of the loops, though only momentary as he usually cuts back almost immediately into a world of shifting and minimalism.  This is a fantastic release that most lovers of dark trip hop and minimal electronics/gothic electro should enjoy.


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