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Spider Gear - Mullet Over
Wednesday, August 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Mullet Over

Artist: Spider Gear United States

Title: Mullet Over

Label: Cedar Digital Records United States

Genre:        Normal Rock

01 News Today
02 What Friends are Made for
03 The Optimist
04 Song for the Simple Man
05 Time to Kill
06 Gotta Run
07 They Keep us Down
08 You Again
09 Goodbye Jane
10 The Space Between Us
11 A Letter to George W.

It appears that this is a first for both band and label.  With this being the first release of Iowa-based label Decar Digital Recordings, it marks the opening of a label that looks like they put a good deal of money into promotion for their artists.  With these release I got a full-sized digitally-printed photograph and press sheet as well as a personalized letter requesting review from a member of our staff.  The overall album artwork is a bit too old school for me featuring a lot of color, especially purple and green.  I have to say the cover is fucking hilarious though.  I can't say I've seen so much white trash painted on anything in my entire life.  I swear I've seen some of these faces before though.

The music is...interesting to say the least.  It reminds me of a mixture of The Toadies, Primus, and some other early 90's experimental rock acts.  While I find the lyrics to be sickening at times, the music is quite catchy.  After hearing it for the first time you'll come to find that htis album has definitely come long after its time, but the fact that bands are still dedicated to their genres of choice and keep pushing those boundaries give me much hope for my own personal favorite music surviving the test of time.  Mullet Over is full of straight rock drumming, straight picked guitar, and your every day lyrics.  Perhaps it is the album's very own normality that makes Mullet Over so interesting and experimental in nature.  Someone fifteen years ago may have found this completely normal.  Now though, this is just incredibly weird.

I also have a small afinity for bands who aren't afraid to call out the government.  The last track is dedicated to our president George W. Bush.  Let's just be honest and agree that no one writes a song in support of a president.  The band stands on their own beliefs.  So while this music may not be my own cup of tea, its very weirdness is what makes it listenable.  This is not a strong release, but not a weak one either.  This...is...well...incredibly normal.  Pick it up if you're a weird rock fan, or go at least see the band in a bar near you.  They should be doing a tour shortly after the release on August 28th.


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