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Kayno Yesno Slonce - Elohim Neva Senzu
Sunday, July 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

Elohim Neva Senzu

Artist: Kayno Yesno Slonce Bulgaria

Title: Elohim Neva Senzu

Label: Corvus Records Bulgaria

Genre: Folk / Ethnic

Veselin Mitov is the force behind Kayno Yesno Slonce, who regales his listeners with folk and a staple of instruments inimical to his homeland of Bulgaria in this his second album of animism and the force behind it, delineated here by the melodic attributes as much as nature reveals the face of life through animation. While for the most part endemic to Bulgarian influence one can easily espy those historically imported influences that runnel ‘Elohim Neva Senzu’, with sinuous veins of Orientalism, bastions of Medievalism, all with preponderance on the obeisance to nature.

Five primary instruments commingle throughout the album, voice, gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe), kaval (wooden flute), guitar and a veritable host of telluric percussion. The shimmering rattle of sticks on steel, ostensibly obstreperous at first listen gather into lateral clusters as heavier skinned drums stamp and attenuate, launching in effulgent explosion of rhythm and dance. At times, the percussion literally breathes as the chalk dust of the percussionist’s hands rap against animal skin, casting off aural bursts of dust as reverb. The kaval aspirates and susurrates with Mitov’s abraded breath filling the hollow, exhaling earth-toned melodies that flit and gambol. The undulating mordancy of the gaida demands its own space from the comforting wind of the wooden flute, straining and beetling ever upwards in exotic minor cadences. Guitar work is for the most part accompaniment with stylistic flourishes and an improvised quality of acoustic work that never trips on the quite the same motifs. While the vocals are in Bulgarian the vocal work engages with the baritone and its choir of backing as fluid as the kaval and gaida’s caparisons.

Interstices of more ambient instrumentation break the vocal treatment of these sacred paeans in places, or as in some tracks feature vocals briefly, allowing the lattice of instrumentation full freedom. With such lack of rigorous programming ‘Elohim Neva Senzu’ calls to an earlier age more in touch with the world by choice than by force of a declining civilization.

The album comes in two versions as with all releases on Corvus Records, with a normal release and a limited edition of 99 copies of a special version. Clothed in a clear jewel case, the album is decorated in ancient and worn script upon heavy stock, thickly glossed paper, its four page monochromatic booklet ambiguous with its liner notes save the song titles and brief recording information. The recondite design elements are treated across all aspects of the disc making it a very presentable package for a rather simple design. The limited edition is presented as a double digipak with an extra disc of remixes and a thicker, more detailed booklet.


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