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Diskrepant - Into Sleep
Sunday, July 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: komah11

Into Sleep

Artist: Diskrepant Sweden

Title: Into Sleep

Label: Fin De Siecle Media Sweden

Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Drone

01 Apparatus Like Womb – 16.00 min
02 Awaking Amygdala – 14.00 min
03 Paradoxical Sleep State Ends – 11.07 min

Simple and straight, this is highly hypnotic. Since I'm trying for hours to organize thoughts and start write something logical based upon in what im currently listening, and all fades away each time Diskrepant's "into sleep" mini-work develops through my senses channelling me into a tunnel of almost numb unconsciousness , I can not get any other conclusion than the previous one. Ok folks I confess my self , my brain isn't a raw model of wealth and strength due mainly to the countless hours of sleep absence and other abuses, but even here I can judge this record as a powerful pro-active mind control, specially for those who so bad treat the neuron-machine as me.

Per Ahlund (a well known Swedish artist inside the alternative electronic spectrum, also collaborator with projects such martial-ambient Sophia) solo work , really knows how to deal with the influence of the sound inside a creature senses. Using strongly a experimental pattern that runs over this 3 track transfixed compendium, Ahlund use and abuse from sounds manipulation and electronic lunacy which creates in a first approach a dense and psychedelic system of images that come and go under deviant will.

In the 16.00 minute "Apparatus like womb" open-track, all that mass hypnosis wave is structured to somehow induce us in a spiral of mental disjunction. You can actually feel your brain being sometimes scratch by intermittent and irritant metallic loops (even a occasional doped bells seems to announce the funeral of all reason), and the emotional wounds opened due to this annoying assault are filled next, with a wide variety of eerie and organic samplers that thick a growing madness, and with non-sensed reversed melodies that also helps to increase that sensation of psychic dissolution.

What comes next it is not a very different projection of the referred above eccentricity. However, "Awaking Amygdala" and "Paradoxical Sleep State Ends" seems to develop now a more concrete atmosphere. Less rough and more relaxing, more sleepy , acting as a anaesthesia to prepare our perception to dive deeper and deeper into a unconscious state. All the components stated before still appear, but now instead of lead us to a world of soul degeneration , they enhance a trance-like acuteness that is almost impossible to connect with reality immediately, while we are listening this. Drones and binary impulses reverb and echoing suddenly and coming from void, can prove to you how easy it is make your eye-balls fix to nowhere while you are drift away, lost inside your own mental labyrinths and inner shades. Psycho active drug sound if you hallow me.

Be sure and secure of your mental wealth before spin this record inside your stereo. I don't know if it is the real purpose of him, but Per Ahlund can easily take your soul and strip you down from reason. And that is way this record is so thrilling and amazing. Try it if you dare.


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