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When - Trippy Happy
Friday, June 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Trippy Happy

Artist: When Norway

Title: Trippy Happy

Label: Jester Records Norway

Genre:  Psychadelic Pop Rock

01 Bye Puppy Bye
02 Life is Shit, Sometimes it's Beautiful
03 Sin the Sailor
04 Filthy John
05 The King
06 Two Distant Calls
07 This Town Eats People
08 Serpent Rain
09 Butterflies
10 Toy Party
11 Trippy Happy / Black Clouds

So, yeah...  Who kidnapped our fathers and put them on LSD?  This is music for a generation long past mine, and as I'm already certainly not a fan of pop rock, this is NOT my cup of tea.  However, I am doing my best to give Trippy Happy an unbiased review and, well, failing miserably.  I am approximately two songs into this release and I am almost in tears waiting for this to end for the love of fucking christ!  Those are only my personal tastes though.  I should say though that there is nothing musically, professionally, or artistically "wrong" with this album.  It is actually a rather interesting listen though annoying to my ears personally.  How the hell does something like this come out of cold grim Norway anyway?  Regardless, expect some rather happy sounding pop experimentation if you do decide to pick this release up.

The cool thing about this album is its like walking through one of those wacky carnival mirror-halls.  No, there is no real carny music to be found here, but rather, the music is constantly changing and distorting, changing shape completely mid song abruptly, and flying back as soon as the change came at other times.  Really though, the album continuously finds ways to go from ordinary pop rock to transforming into a psychadelic and, well, "trippy happy" atmosphere.  The flow here is incredible though the abrupt changes in atmosphere seem almost random.  The tracks still find a way to just click in effortlessly together, and it works out rather well for these trippy experimentalists.  Want to know what to expect?  Throw the Beatles and the Beach Boys into a multi-colored room together and force feed them acid to the point of overdose.  Then let them run rampant with their instruments.  This is basically what you find here, though with much more professional overtones and production.

So while Trippy Happy was a horrible personal experience for me, the music was rather well written and performed.  If you enjoy your psychadelic rock, you may get off on something like this.  These guys definitely have some drug issues.  Thinking back though, what else is there to do in Norway?  Build snowmen?  Give the guys a break, they're writing pop music for crying out loud.  They have to stay entertained SOMEHOW.


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