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Bastard Noise - Three Dollar Date
Tuesday, May 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Prenna

Three Dollar Date

Artist: Bastard Noise United States

Title: Three Dollar Date

Label: Housepig Records United States

Genre: Harsh Noise

01 Three Dollar Date
02 Flexible Labor Market
03 Hunchback Heard
04 Electric Apparition
05 Palm Springs
06 Gymnast Amphibian
07 Ornament
08 The Transition
09 Bloodstream Habitat
10 Interstellar Victory March
11 Urgency Outside the Module
12 The Fascination for Human Roadkill

This limited edition 3” cdr brings together the ultra-rare recordings from Bastard Noise’s 1998 7” release on A.I.P.R. with their half of the Microscopic Malediction split they did with Hermit! It comes in a sealed envelope with a free magnifying glass, which I didn’t understand until I saw the inserts. The type is so tiny that it’s even difficult to read with the free gift. Luckily it’s the music that’s important not the inserts.

The music itself is just fantastic. Fourteen minutes of harsh blasts of noise spread across twelve tracks. Each individual track lasts long enough to pack a good punch before moving on to the next slab of noise. A few tracks in particular stand out. From the fingers-scraping-a-blackboard torture of Electric Apparition to Palm Springs’ weird spoken interlude by a female Stephen Hawkins, and the dark ambience of Urgency Outside the Module. A final rant over analogue tweaking distortion is the way The Fascination for Human Roadkill tops off this release.

I’m always pleased when bands of whatever genre re-release hard to find material. Three Dollar Date and the Microscopic Malediction material really needed to be put out again. Listening to this I can’t help feeling at least a little jealous of those seeing Bastard Noise on their recent tour. Long live the laughing skull!

Three Dollar Date is a limited edition release of 500.


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