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Amon / Nimh - Sator
Tuesday, May 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne

Amon & Nimh - Sator

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Amon & Nimh - Sator

Label: Eibon Records Italy

Genre: Dark Ambient / Drone / Experimental

Collaboration between Amon and Nimh

01 - Rotas
02 - Opera
03 - Tenet
04 - Arepo
05 - Sator

Five good reasons why ‘Sator’ is an essential purchase for your record collection:

Reason 01: Eibon Record label. That long established, and held in highest regard, label with a highly diverse back catalogue of releases that spans many musical genres and tastes. A label that has never been afraid to take risks with their releases and whose attitude to music in general is like a breath of fresh air.

Reason 02: Amon. Better known as the Italian artist Andrea Marutti. This guy is something of a legend within the dark ambient scene. His recordings as Amon and Never Known have been wowing people ever since he released his first works back in 1994. ‘Twilight's Last Gleaming’ and ‘The Legacy’ are two of the greatest recordings that capture the imagination of the artist in full flow.

Reason 03: NIMH. Giuseppe Verticchio’s project. Another Italian artist, lesser known to these ears, but whose contribution to this release adds a certain dynamistic twist to the musical sound sculptures. He works within the electro-ethnic–acoustic-ambient spheres and he brings a vitality, a spark of ingenuity, to ‘Sator’ that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Reason 04: A collaboration between artists. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. The success of such a recording depends upon both artists having a harmony and understanding of each others previous work and melding together to become as one with each other. ‘Sator’ is an example of how ideas that are bounced back and forth in a creative frenzy can cumulate in a piece of music nothing short of breath taking. Having the additional help of another accredited artist of renown, namely Daniela Gherardi, on three of the tracks doesn’t hurt the cause either.

Reason 05: Dark Ambient music. Of all the genres of music Dark Ambient, when played skilfully, is the most emotive, engrossing and atmospheric experience you’ll ever likely to listen to or lose yourself in. When it hits the sweet spot there’s nothing that can compare to the aural euphoria it produces. ‘Sator’ is a prime example of Dark Ambience at its best and most innovative.

Five reasons for buying this recording. Five tracks on the recording. A pattern emerges within the reviewers thought processes. ‘Sator’ is a recording of great depth and hidden questions which the listener is forced to answer for themselves. Constructed and pieced together by the usual assortment of musical instruments so beloved of Ambient artists, with the addition of field recordings, metals, e-bow guitars and other unusual elements, the tracks are given the space to fully develop their intricate patterns. I personally prefer this form of music to have a 10 - 19 minutes running time per track as it allows the music to fully draw itself into the subconscious and remain there etched upon the memory. All of the music on ‘Sator’ falls within this timeframe and is all the better for it. The elongated pieces slowly form and shape plunging the listener into the darkest of depths, with lashings of reverb and copious amounts of delays heightening the taut resonance’s that abound, and all the while the subterranean feel is expended and brought to life. Submerged inside these claustrophobic atmospheres shards of light occasionally burst forth illuminating the passages briefly before slowly giving into to the prevailing oppressive darkness. The noise of a swirling mass and hard to discern voice evoking this truly isolationist experience. The use of strange crackling sounds and bells(?) are not out of place but conjure up further thoughts of an ultimate inherent dread that befalls us all at one time or another. Time stands still and becomes irrelevant as you drift along to the music lost in your own thoughts.

Which is why this release is so essential. The purity of the sound sculptures aren’t tainted by unwanted melodic histrionics. Instead the music grabs your attention from the off and takes you on this long dark trip to the hither regions of the repressed areas of your mind. Spellbinding, without a doubt, and warranting your undivided attention this is another classic release served up by these Italian artists and record label. The reasons for its purchase are laid bare above.


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