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HIV+ - UFO Pulsations (DVD+CD)
Tuesday, May 01 2007 @ 02:01 AM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne

UFO Pulsations (DVD+CD)

Genre: Electronics / Rhythmic Industrial / Dark Ambient

01. Anywhere Out of My Mind (Original Version)
02. Liquid Skies
03. Pulsar 23
04. UFO Pulsations (The Pulsating Fluid-Filled Sphere Mix) Remix - Liquid Sphere
05. Re-time Remix - (dell.tree)
06. Distance Remix - Human Flesh
07. Positive Propagation Remix - Sizzle
08. Pulsating Star 23 Remix - Planetaldol
09. Lythurgic UFO Remix - TZii
10. Anywhere Out of My Mind Remix - Giscard Le Survivant
11. HIV+/T2 (ETA GrLoop Mix) Remix - Atrabilis Sunrise
12. Pulsar 23 (H5N1 Mix) Remix - Finalcut
13. Meeting UFOs (On HIV+) Remix - Iloj Tone

01. Une Chienne Andalouse
02. Point Exe
03. Pulsar 23
04. Erased - CYBUNK
05. 00,1% Ex Echo - Stere < 0> Pathe + K-RO
06. Harsh Industrial Virus

Collecting music is akin to being let loose inside a huge sweetie shop. You start with a certain favourite, wine gums for example, then gradually move onto some other confectionary that takes your fancy. The wine gums are all but forgotten about until some distant memory makes you want to sample them all over again. HIV+ was my wine gums. I had purchased the ‘Abstract & Harsh Ironworks’ and ‘Censored Frequencies & other mystic territories’ releases, both on the Divine Comedy Records label, before promptly moving elsewhere for my aural thrills and thus completely forgetting all about the act. These things happen all the time. Fickle fucker that I am.

HIV+ is the work of one man. He is Pedro Pe˝as y Robles who was born in Spain sometime in the 60’s. He became a DJ before releasing his first recording under the name HIV+ back in 2001. This release features three HIV+ tracks and 10 remixes by artists closely associated to 3Pattes Record label. Therefore anyone expecting a full HIV+ recording should be aware of this fact before purchasing it. I’m have rather mixed feelings about any re-mix in a recording. More so when they take up the bulk of the release. If the re-mixer completely overhauls the piece of music and adds their own dimension to it then I’ll go happily along with it and see what pans out. When the re-mixer adds nothing new to the brew that is when I start tut tutting in exasperation for the wasted opportunity all round. Fans of HIV+, the utterly dedicated ones, of course won’t give a fuck about this. Good for them I say. To each their own.

The CD: 13 tracks. Comprising a variety of musical styles. There’s rhythmic Industrial with harsh beats. Some of this is bio-mechanical in nature and others come with a hypnotically charged density to them. They pulse and throb like a pulsing throbbing thing from some far fetched Science Fiction classic film. Occasionally the rhythms veer close to the far edge of tolerance…which is good in my book. When the thrusting rhythms aren’t present you get to indulge / gorge yourself on the heady atmospherics of music that is more dark / space ambient orientated with samples thrown in all akimbo. Hear the foreboding sounds. Fear the foreboding sounds. Scary shit here we come. We float in the celestial plains surrounded by the stars and alien encounters.

Which may lead you to think I didn’t actually like the CD. Far from it. For once the re-mixers have all done the work of HIV+ justice and actually adds another facet to Pedro’s work by redefining it but without totally losing the originals identity completely. The HIV+ tracks highlight the artists touch with Industrial rhythms and a variety of doom laden atmospherics and is worth the price of this CD & DVD combo alone.

The DVD: An intriguing prospect and quite strange if I’m being honest. I’m not sure if it will be to everyone’s taste. Taking the films in order of viewing:

Une Chienne Andalouse: features a black and white film of a church, interior and exterior, cut with a red coloured film of a woman in her underwear posing in a variety of way. Her pants feature an upside down cross. The film concentrates mostly on this fact. What it’s actually trying to get at I have no idea. I do like the pants though.

Point Exe: is the most disturbing film of them all. A montage of moving images depicting animal slaughter, cows, pigs and chickens, coupled with human slaughter from WW2(?) through Vietnam to the atrocities of terrorists in the Middle East. You see the animals culled. Blood all a flowing. You watch as people are decapitated and hacked to death. That’s when they’re not being shot in the head. Trophies are grisly displayed for all to see. I got the connection. In retrospect I didn’t need to watch this. Death is the new entertainment. Enjoy your viewing.

Pulsar 23: Starts with a journey down a long corridor. We go into a room. A man lies in a bed. He is awake. A tiny spacecraft hovers near him. It has a red cross on its side. Plastic tubes appear from the mans nostril cavities and mouth and start to spread out. The nasal tubes go into the mans ears. The mouth tube goes towards his groin. This tube passes two others coming from that direction heading for his mouth into which they pass. We pull back. The end. The director of this piece is obviously a fan of David Cronenberg. Of that I’m certain. Which is the only thing I can figure out about this piece.

Erased - CYBUNK: We see a building. Slowly we approach until we are inside. From the window something blows up. Clouds of smoke make patterns in the sky. Pulling back we are now in the country side. Explain that fucker please?

00,1% Ex Echo - Stere < 0> Pathe + K-RO: A cartoon film of sorts this features a spaceship taken from ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’ that is travelling across deep space…which then cuts to planet Earth and missiles going everywhere…and then ends in some alien planet. Weird shit indeed.

Harsh Industrial Virus: is a live performance by HIV+ covering the classic Velvet Underground song ‘Venus in Furs’ in its entirety. A nice take on the song with Pedro looking like Nash the Slash…for those of you old enough to remember that violin playing dickhead.

Also included on the DVD is information on some selected artists, artwork by someone called Nuvish, information on HIV+ and lastly a photo montage of HIV+ in concert. This last piece features Pedro accompanied by an undressed woman with gaffer tape stuck across her breasts. Which has stayed far too long in my memory for health reasons. All the films and static displays feature the music, of course, of HIV+. Although I did find the rather pleasant jauntiness to the musical piece accompanying Point Exe even more surreal and disturbing because of that.

All in all this is a fantastic release. The music is impeccable and the DVD presentation of the highest quality. I haven’t been so endeared to a music related DVD before as this one. In fact if you purchased both items separately you wouldn’t feel short changed. To get both in one package is reason enough to let open the wallet and free the moths living there. Essential without any doubts or reservations. Go people go.


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