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Nightrage - A New Disease Is Born
Tuesday, May 01 2007 @ 02:01 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

A New Disease Is Born

Artist: Nightrage Greece

Title: A New Disease Is Born

Label: Lifeforce Records Germany

Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Gothenburg

01 Spiral
02 Reconcile
03 Death-like Silence
04 A Condemned Club
05 Scars of the Past
06 De-fame
07 Scathing
08 Surge of Pity
09 Encircle
10 Drone
11 Spiritual Impulse
12 A New Disease is Born (Instrumental)

After two brilliant releases on Century Media in the past 4 years, Nightrage returns to the gothenburg scene with high hopes and a new album via their new label Lifeforce Records. I must confess that Jimmie Strimell's screams definitely top Thomas Lindberg's as the opening scream on this album is probably the most fucking intense scream in the history of melodic death metal. However, Thomas Lindberg overall made this band, in my opinion, what it was in 1995. Today, however, Nightrage is a different band with a slightly different sound. The big complaint I have is that Nightrage seems to be following the trend of metalcore faggotry that recently tore the American metal scene apart. While the band is obviously much heavier and infinitely more talented than 99% of the American bands that followed that path, those damn whiney clean vocals still appear in their music and its enough to make any American metalhead's body clinch in pain. It makes sense that this would be the reason that the band has signed to Lifeforce Records recently though as the label is guilty of promoting several of these crap bands, but then again, so is every decently-sized metal label in the world today. I suppose you must support somewhat where the money is, and help the real metal out when you can. After all, they have one of the best bands to emerge from the -core scene: Deadlock.

The great thing is that those intense and insane riffs that Nightrage has been known for over the years are still present. The bad news is that they are more sporadic, and overshadowed by the moments of metalcore-esque emotional bullshit. The clean vocals really do remind me of those whiney moments expressed in tunes by As I Lay Dying and Bleeding Through. Just more "metal by numbers". One is torn by these two opposing factors, but I have to look at the future of the band as being more -core as it is obviously replacing the old. I just hope they manage to keep the crazy riffs going as this is what we have all loved about the band since the beginning.

This is no great work of art. In fact, originality may be at an all time low while listening to this release. However, that doesn't take away from the absolutely violent fits of rage seen through some passages of the album. If you can get past the whiney clean moments, you may find "A New Disease is Born" rather enjoyable. As far as finding this as a great metal album though, don't hold your breath. Say hello to more of the same old bullshit. Enough is enough, please, for the love of god, find your originality again. No one wants to hear this shit anymore. Sorry if this pisses anyone off, but its complete honesty. Its time for metalcore to die.


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