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Kult - Winds Of War
Tuesday, May 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Winds Of War

Artist: Kult Italy

Title: Winds Of War

Label: Debemur Morti Productions France

Genre: Black Metal

01 Alpha
02 Winds of War
03 Guerriero di un Tempa Perduta
04 Torture
05 Seven Blades (of the Reaper)
06 Enstrangement
07 And Forever Winter
08 Final Embrace
09 Darkness Return
10 Omega

Kult is another new band on the black metal scene, only they hail from Italy which hosts an array of fantastic black metal acts, so I was looking forward to this release long after I saw it in my pile of promo material. This is also my first experience with Kult's french brethren, Debemur Morti Productions. The label themselves seem to put a great deal of money and effort into promoting their artists, utilizing the cardboard sleeve approach (known to larger labels like Spinefarm Records and Earache) and going the extra mile by producing a professionally printed 2 page glossy paper introduction to the album. Needless to say, Debemur Morti Productions certainly takes care of their artists, and I can only hope the royalties are as good as the promotion for Kult's sake.

The press sheet describes Winds of War as "a searing blast of harsh, apocalyptic black metal celebrating the downfall of humanity, 'Winds of War' is the soundtrack to the end". While I believe this statement may be going a bit far as I have heard much more apocalyptic sounding albums in my time and feel the end would be signified by a much more epic black metal release, the band comes damn near to living up to this sentence. Kult currently has only 3 members, and the music on Winds of War shows off their talent as musicians comfortable in a small-band setting. This debut full-length has guitar melodies that do sound epic in a sense, almost as an ode to Bekhira's masterpiece, the closing track on L'Úlu du Mal, "From the most Devastated Lands". In fact, Kult very much reminds me of Bekhira's hateful melodic frenzies in a raw atmosphere. If that comparison doesn't tell you this album is fantastic, then you probably shouldn't be listening to black metal in the first place.

This is cold and absolute devastation. While the world avoids ending in the blast that rose from this album's birth into this world, the mere existence of Winds of War paints a picture that looks distinctly like the album's cover; cities buried under their own ruins, lives left to mingle in the mists of time, and life itself left to hand in the balance of nature's unique balance of luck vs. survival. Winds of War is exactly that: War-ravaged destruction on a large scale.


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