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Hoarfrost - Dungeon
Tuesday, May 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique


Artist: Hoarfrost Poland

Title: Dungeon

Label: Kaos Ex Machina Poland

Genre: Ambient

Hoarfrost is a solo project out of Poland pressing a near twenty-two minutes on this debut CDR release from Kaos Ex Machina. It has a touch of callow nature to its fidelity in its audio production that unfortunately detracts from the compositional arrangements that would have been better served trenchant and with the advice of the ears of others.

A patina of shimmering alarm bells serves as backdrop to billowing bass, dripping liquid and cachinnating percussion, industrial vents loosed with ghostly synths padding with feet the overall aural drone; whose frequencies tend to disturb not so much in the dark ambience than with a lack of precision in the mastering as the sounds glue together in a rounded tunnel. Digital filaments ameliorate the open-mouthed drones, flickering higher oscillations breaking what could have become painful listening and the composition of the six dark ambient tracks shows an attention to evolving detail in a short span. Hints of lustre push to the surface with the ritualistic rhythmic sections and sere susurrus, chaos drenched symphony pillared by martial snare and squealing vocal samples, but overall the effect is marred by the central funnel of a poorly mixed and mastered sound.

The album is a jewel case affair, a four page booklet, coloured only on two sides with blank interior printed at low resolution. The disc itself is laser printed in full colour and not stickered.

(Note from Kaos Ex Machina: It's a free mp3 release (as all of our releases) but the person behind Hoarfrost made a CDr promo for better promotion. I don't want to make a situation when people would think it's a CDr-only release. This is still free to download.


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