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Fixture For Toxins - Black, White And Read All Over
Tuesday, May 01 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: DonTen

Black, White And Read All Over

Artist: Fixture For Toxins United States

Title: Black, White And Read All Over

Label: Self Released

Genre: Power Electronics / Noise / Experimental

1: The Mourning Journal
2: Salem’s New
3: Vindication
4: An Evening In Review

I have very little information to hand regarding this release, but I’ll do what I can with what I have. Firstly, Fixture For Toxins is a one man project. Secondly everything is recorded live, no MIDI, no sequencing, no drum machines with preset patterns and absolutely no overdubs. So, what we get is exactly as it was recorded, with synthesizer, sampler, microphone and (unspecified) electronic percussion hardware fed through a mixer and recorded in one take. To put it another way, this is exactly what you would hear at a Fixture For Toxins live event, performed in the exact same fashion, four components meshed together to one end, the creation of dark and dirty electronic music. This is music with one foot firmly planted in Power Electronics territory, rough edged and analogue sounding bass, low resolution synth lines and distorted, grating vocals supplying the meat of the Fixture For Toxins sound, skittering sweeps of feedback and jarring, harsh electronic noises hovering in the background supplying the gravy. The addition of a heavy-duty sub bass line adds depth and energy to the proceedings and ties everything together nicely.

Although a tad on the short side, thirteen minutes in total, this is a worthy release, and despite being a self released project wouldn’t sound out of place in the catalogue of labels such as Galakthorro, indeed there is a similarity in places to the a Haus Arafna sound. Head over to the weblink and check it out for yourself. If Power Electronics, Dark Industrial or Experimental Noise are your thing you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not into any of these genres or styles, check it out anyway, you may just surprise yourself.


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