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Mirko Uhlig - Storm: Outside Calm Tamed
Sunday, April 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Hoerikwaggo

Storm: Outside Calm Tamed

Artist: Mirko Uhlig Germany

Title: Storm: Outside Calm Tamed

Label: Aal Germany

Genre: Ambient / Dark Ambient

This album consists of only one song 33 minutes in length. When songs start stretching well into double digit territory, they run the risk of either being overlong (an obvious consideration, but frequently overlooked in practice) or sounding like a collection of several songs stitched together. Both problems are apparent here. The bulk of the song consists of a hellish and extended noise passage, underlied by a more ambient organ-like sound, at times clear, at other times nearly as grossly distorted as the accompanying din. This simple melody is frequently repeated throughout the course of the noisy half and the contrast between the tympanum distress and melodic beauty is highly effective and works beautifully, before shifting clumsily to more ambient textures, which in turn suddenly changes to some ivory tinkling that acts as the albums finale. The shifts between styles, are extremely abrupt, consisting simply of stopping altogether –no fade-ins or segue of any sort is used.

Whilst I am aware that songs of this nature routinely run into the double digits and that this song would not work as a five minute track, some judicious editing would have been appreciated –Uhlig could have expressed all the ideas contained within this monster in twenty minutes and not lose anything, as well as less clumsy shifts. If I were to be asked whether I enjoyed it, the answer would be yes, but with a bit of editing, or alternatively, a division into several songs, I could say ‘yes’ with greater enthusiasm.


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