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Aesthetic Meat Front - Temple Of Flesh
Sunday, April 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jared

Temple Of Flesh

Artist: Aesthetic Meat Front United States

Title: Temple Of Flesh

Label: Old Europa Cafe Italy

Genre: Ritual / Industrial / Performance Art

01 Invocation I
02 Invocation II
03 Invocation III
04 Invocation IV
05 Invocation V
06 Invocation VI
07 Invocation VII
08 Invocation VIII
09 Invocation IX
10 Invocation X
11 Invocation XI
12 Invocation XII
13 Invocation XIII

Captivating. Brilliant. Unsettling. Disgusting. Beautiful.

I'd continue listing words that describe Temple of Flesh, but the English language doesn't have that many adjective. Aesthetic Meat Front's new release is completely amazing. This is beyond just music. This is pure passionate rituals and it's definatly not for everyone, plain and simple.

The album is comprised of 13 different versions of AMF's "Temple of Flesh" invocation. Musically it is what you would expect from something with tortured cover art like this. Disturbing, nightmarish ambience with vocals ranging from delicate female singing to demonic male spoken word. The first track is the english version, followed by 12 versions in different languages. All versions can have their lyrics found on the included double-sided cards which are also covered in phtographs from the highly disturbing live performances.

The DVDr is an overview of the tour during which the Temple of Flesh invocation was performed live. Again, words don't do it justice. This may be the most disturbing video I've ever seen honestly. This is not for anyone sensitive to or offended by (including but not limited to) close-ups of needles going through flesh, nudity, brutal sex practices, blood, decapitated animal heads, or suspension via meat hooks.

Aesthetic Meat Front is calling for change. Whether or not you agree with the message and/or the practices, you will end up captivated and you will end up listening.


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