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Institution D.O.L - Diskotheka Dekadenza
Sunday, April 15 2007 @ 02:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne

Diskotheka Dekadenza

Artist: Institution D.O.L Austria

Title: Diskotheka Dekadenza

Label: Halbwelt Germany

Genre: Industrial / Electronic / Power Noise

01. At the gates of the master
02. A Viennese place
03. Ein Lied fur den Weltfrieden
04. Shut up
05. The poet
06. Goldbregen in der Unterwelt

The company a person keeps tells you more about that person than any 1,000 words in a write-up can. Before you commence reading this go to the link to the Institution D.O.L homepage and just look at the illustrious who’s who of Industrial music that Barbie Blutig has had his photograph taken with. Impressive doesn’t even come close. He even sports a http://www.throbbing-gristle.com Throbbing Gristle t-shirt in some of the photographs. What a guy. What a musical act. What a jammy shit all told. I’m not normally jealous but for once the twinges of wish fulfilment have spread over me. To be able to walk in his shoes for a year would be some experience. Looks like I’ll just have to make do with another Institution D.O.L. release to ease my pangs. Better than nothing when all said and done.

Thank God above for the D.O.L is all I can say. Founded in 1998 there have been six releases so far under this name. I’ve not included the ‘This Is My Life’ DVD nor counted the many appearances on various compilations. ‘Diskotheka Dekadenza’ was the third D.O.L release to see the light of day back in 2004. There is a rather interesting story as to why it is being reviewed three years later than expected but I’ll leave that for another day to recall. Barbie, or .M., as he was known at the time of this release was listed as the agent for the 3 x K’s within the D.O.L camp. Kommando, Konstruktion and Kontrolle. He was joined by Kapt’n Genozid at another point in the D.O.L history…which is another story to be kept for later. I was lucky enough to pen a couple of reviews of D.O.L releases for a previous website and have been smitten ever since that experience by the music Barbie creates. So much so that I’ve been trawling the Internet in a fingers crossed hope of finding the ‘(Cultural) Death By Consumism/Die Macht’ release now missing from my collection. One day. Of that I’m sure.

Of course there are probably a few of you reading this who have no idea what the D.O.L actually sounds like. Think of the D.O.L, as represented here on this release, as a post Industrial power electronics act…with some dark ambient touches. For the most part though ‘Diskotheka Dekadenza’ travels the power electronics route in all its visceral glory. The hectic electronic patterns that throb and hum coupled with the mad dashes of noise malaise makes for one invigorating experience. Barbie singing in a deep guttural Germanic roar, and a little English, that is processed giving the music a further vicious cutting edge to it. Before the music grows a head of steam ready for the ruckus ahead the first track kicks off with a sample from a horror film from the past. I’ve tried placing it, Italian possibly, but have failed miserably to make the connection. This neat diversion leads nicely into the music proper with a rhythmic electronic flourish that grows in depth and noise as it squashes all before it. A juggernaut with no brakes heading down the desolation highways. As the recording progresses and an array of further elements are introduced so the noise keeps pace in complete tandem and disharmony. The music Barbie creates being a marriage of different facets where a shotgun is being held to the grooms head. If you like that sort of metaphor. Or whatever that sort of phrase is called.

The music on ‘Diskotheka Dekadenza’ was a foretaste for the future that would end up being the superb ‘Eleven Anticlerical Super songs’ and the outstanding ‘With Her I Had Some Tropical Feelings’. As for ‘Instructions For Modern Weakniks’ the latest release…just buy it and be prepared to have your head blown off. This review though isn’t about those releases. This review celebrates the wonder that is / was ‘Diskotheka Dekadenza’ and as such it stands alone as being simply a brilliant example of the early D.O.L sound. An experience you’ll be forever thankful of hearing. Hey Barbie…can I be your Ken?


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