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PBK & Adam Mokan - Split
Thursday, March 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne

PBK & Adam Mokan

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: PBK & Adam Mokan

Label: Cohort Records United States

Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Noise / Avant-Garde

Split between PBK and Adam Mokan

01.Through The Past Away
02.Build Your Own Nothing
03.The Channel That Feeds
04.Event Lurking Pristine

Adam Mokan:
06.Winding Rhode

Philip B Klinger may not be a household name to many of you. Which wouldn’t surprise me in the least. This American artist has been recording under the name of PBK for the best part of 20+ years off and on. More off as of late but that’s your typical artist for you. His music, and the reason you probably won’t be familiar with him, places him at the fringes of the experimental jet set. That little area where few dare to venture for fear of what they may hear. The dark recesses of the unknown driving many a listener into the arms of a safer more comfortable channel of music. Those of you however who are acquainted with PBK should meet up with me some day. Maybe we can share a drink together and reminisce about the good old days. Tell our stories about how PBK deserves better and wider recognition and how ‘such and such’ a release by him changed our lives. Shoot the breeze and all that. If successful, and we liked each other, we could even make it an annual event. That would be fun. Almost as much fun as this split release between PBK and Adam Mokan in fact. And you wouldn’t have to put up with my incessant droning on about quality music like this and why on earth it isn’t more popular.

The little information paragraph kept incredibly short this time around. Cohort Records is run by John Gore of Kirchenkampf fame. Amongst others. This split release is limited to 100 copies. The cover is …well…functional but dull as covers go. A kind of bronze / gold coloured mottled single sleeve affair that looks like the wallpaper found in a crap Chinese restaurant circa 1970. But you don’t buy music just for the cover. Which in this case is a blessing. You can buy this for $9.00 direct from the label. Have your credit card on standby at the end of this review.

The first four tracks belong to our man PBK. The guy who puts the E into experimental. Taking the ‘music can be created by anything at hand’ approach he uses old analogue synths, found sounds and effects, old batches of vinyl and a multitude of other unknown variants to help mould these four pieces into aural sculptures of a frightening intensity. There’s something strangely comforting when you listen to hiss and crackles over machine like chaos and disharmony. The buzzing and glowing mixing it with glitches and globules and the Industrial hum and throbs and dense frequencies that permeate throughout. At times there’s a rhythmic pattern cutting loose before being quickly restrained amongst all the mucky murky debris being thrown around without a care in the world. The frozen wastelands of black ambience even makes a fleeting appearance now and then before being swallowed up by an electronic melange. Think of these tracks as sound sculptures for the more enlightened and adventurous listener and you’ll be half way there to understanding the music PBK has laid down. Not an easy going or getting into experience but one that rewards those with an open mind and an ear to the left of base form of music. 35+ minutes in the company of PBK is worth every second of the experience.

His mucker in arms Adam Mokan is a new artist that I’ve never encountered before. His two contributions are 26+ minutes of music that veers more towards the noisier spectrum with a smattering of pizzazz to complete the picture. Through the dense fog of simply formed thick electronic sounds, very bass heavy in places, he mixes in high frequency assaults, ample distorted waves and some eclectic effects that are suitably placed within both soundscapes. His music is more minimal in scope and production and therefore more accessible overall….but still falls way short of an easy listening experience. Definitely a name to watch out for in the future.

The summary. For those of you reading this into the more experimental side of music, who wear their ‘I’m into stuff you’ve never heard of before’ badges with pride on your jacket lapels, then this release will make a great addition to your record collection. Everyone else can just fuck off. This isn’t for you. Simple as that. Because no matter how many words I write I doubt that if you aren’t into this form of music before the review started then this review will not have changed your minds one little bit. So blinkered and stupid the majority are. The few of us who understand where artists like PBK and Adam Mokan are coming from and going to are in the minority. But I would rather be with them than you any day of the week.


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