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Nine - It's Your Funeral
Thursday, March 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

It\'s Your Funeral

Artist: Nine Norway

Title: It's Your Funeral

Label: Spinefarm Records Finland

Genre: Hardcore / Deathrock

01 No Air Supply
02 Bird of Prey
03 Nothing Left for the Vultures
04 The Blade
05 Grace
06 Line of Crosses
07 Until Death do us Part
08 Venom?
09 Bleeding Hearts
10 Stigmata

Quite casually one sometimes gets in an album that he just does not wish to review. While the artwork and album title fit the scheme of some sort of death metal (and I had truly with every piece of my being wished that it was), as soon as I looked up information on the band that was little known to me, Nine, I instantly read the most teeth-grinding phrase imaginable for an underground metal journalist: "hardcore". While I absolutely loathe the entire genre for what it has done to the decent metal shows that have come around this area in recent memory (among them, the stabbing and near fatality of a young man at a Cradle of Filth show), "It's your Funeral" really wasn't that bad. Really the only annoying thing that I could find was on softer tracks like "Nothing Left for the Vultures", the vocalist refused to sing and just continued using his monotone tough guy screams.

A great thing about Nine is that, while they are technically hardcore, they do not buy into so many of the horrible cliches the currently plague the genre. No ladies and gentlemen, there will be no ties, heart tattoos, white shoes or come-over emo haircuts found here. This is a band of four men just playing the music they love, without the additive bullshit. The music is strangely catchy, but probably because rather than push through the usual breakdowns or disharmonic leads, they have founds ways to give their guitar sound an almost alternative rock feel at times. While having screaming vocals probably automatically rules them out from ever achieving such a thing as mainstream TV appearances, the sound would definitely pull in a wider audience if listeners enabled themselves to attempt to get past the vocals.

Truthfully, It's your Funeral is a pretty damn good hardcore album from a bunch of guys just looking to avoid the trends of the mainstream and make the music they love. There can't be anything wrong with that. I can only hope to hear them progress in a more brutal direction as time goes on, but with four previous full-lengths already under their belt, I don't see that happening.


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