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Split - Bane And Illusion & Syrigx - Syndrome Of The Fallen
Monday, January 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: T300

Bane And Illusion & Syrigx - Syndrome Of The Fallen

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Bane And Illusion & Syrigx - Syndrome Of The Fallen

Label: Self Released

Split between Bane And Illusion and Syrigx

Genre: Black Metal

Limited to a strict twenty five copies, all hand numbered CD-Rs, this split documents the potential of two talented and fast growing Black Metal acts.

It doesn't take long for the album to reveal its intent, and like all good Black Metal, this one hits instantly. I am impressed the most by the production and power of the Drum work on this split. Bane and Illusion in particular has a wonderful style of Guitar work, bringing to mind the same kind of Hypnotic and mesmeric feelings that I only ever got listening to artists like Moontower, Deathspell Omega, and Breizh Occult.

So many Black Metal bands release Generic material these days, and I've come to learn you can always rely on the Finnish bands to produce the best material. Watain, Warloghe. Need I say more?

There is a thin line between sounding Raw, and sounding Raw and Amateur. Bane and Illusion manage to retain a very professional stance, and some of the vocal work is actually very impressive. My complaint is that the guitars are slightly too low in the mix, as based on what I can hear, they are fantastic!!! Echoes of Blut Aus Nord spring to mind.

I find it actually very difficult to pick fault with Bane and Illusion. Some of the work is so blasphemously potent and fertile that it won't be long until the act breaks through and becomes an essential scene name. Hearing this with remastered top-notch production would be a wonderful scenario. "Strike With Iron Fists" would be the highlight on here. A very fast-paced attack, the intro carries that eerie and taunting guitar work that the first track on Morbid Angel's "Altars of Madness" and the first track on Der Sturmer's "Blood Calls for W.A.R." release.


Moving on to Syrigx. This could be interesting. I have never heard of this project before, and the tracks seem to carry a theme of Greco-Roman Heirachy and Mythos. (Cassandra, Troy, Love + Death, etc). This is very hard to rate, as Syrigx is exceptionally raw. From where I currently sit, with the speakers on loud, the production is so distorted that all I can hear is the Guitars (which sound like a Horror Ambient score), and the vocals.

What is audible is nice, but unfortunately, nothing else can really be commented on. Perhaps there is no drums. It wouldn't be the first band.

Regardless, this split is excellent. Full Marks for the first half, and despite the second half leaving me quite cold due to lack of anything really audible, the fact that it sounds so different, and offers such a change in style and pace is enough to salvage it.

Keep your eyes out for this.


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