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David Galas - The Cataclysm
Monday, January 15 2007 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Sage

The Cataclysm

Artist: David Galas United States

Title: The Cataclysm

Label: Vendlus United States

Ethereal, Gothic Rock, Ambient, Doom Metal

01 Asleep in the Field
02 The Harvest
03 American Melancholy
04 Alone we will Always be
05 The End is Always Closer
06. Sect. I
07 Capsized
08 September
09 The Fragment
10 Far Away from Nothing
11 Sect. II
12 The Cataclysm Pt. I
13 The Cataclysm Pt. II
14 The Burial
15 Shimla
16 Reclamation
17 Sect. III
18 The Great Ruins of Man
19 Something Fell from the Sky

At the time of writing this, I have been listening to this album for three days straight now. I took a rest yesterday for a few hours to do some other reviews, but prior to that and directly after, I put this album right back into the CD player. I cannot think of a way to describe how this masterpiece made me feel other than it gave me a 75-minute long orgasm fueled by gothic lust. It truely amazes me that my top album of 2006 would come in at the very last minute. That's right, children. The Cataclysm, by David Galas, has stolen my number one spot from Misstrip, and may have changed my outlook on what I want to do as a musician in my own personal life completely.

For those of you who aren't aware who David Galas is, he was a musician in Lycia for 3 albums, and also various live performances. There is truely no fair way to describe this work of art... I have written, and re-written this review several times over, and it is never quite good enough. I don't think any amount of words, arranged in any fashion will be good enough to give the music justice. The word Ethereal sums it all up quite nicely, but still there is so much more. David Galas has one of the most attractive male gothic voices that I have heard in some time. I would even go so far as to say he rivals the fantastic voice of Seraphim Shock's Charles Edward. At times he will go into layers though that seem to put him in league with the late great Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Don't get me wrong, there is no grunge to be found on this record. I merely explain the sound. Regardless, always melancholic, always astonishingly painful. Mixing the spacey lead guitar sounds that can only be compared to the likes of Love Spirals Downwards, with flowing acoustics and basslines similar to the softer songs from Agalloch, The Cataclysm is remarkably powerful.

It is hard for one to express just how painful this album really is. I would be lieing if I said that tears didn't fall through several of these tracks. It is so easy for the listener to become completely swallowed by the atmosphere projected here, and become completely oblivious to their surroundings. I cannot say it surprises me, as this album was 7 years in the making. However, the melancholy expressed through this album works as emotional quicksand. Once it draws you in, it is hard to pull away until the music ceases to move through the speakers. The more you struggle to fight the feelings it evokes, the further you end up falling into it until you can't breathe. Songs like "The End is Always Closer" and "The Cataclysm Pt. II" can swallow you away into darkness forever if you will let them do so, while the intereweaving ambient tracks such as "The Burial" can be the muse that draws back memories in one's own tortured mind for reasons that are inexplicable. The music of David Galas seems to be an entity in itself. An apparition that floats into ones soul and tears all of the old wounds back open. It is a revenant eidolon or phantasm that enters our dwelling via our own choice and proceeds to haunt the very foundations on which our mental consciousness rests.

"The Cataclysm" goes beyond broken hearts and faded dreams. If torture was a physical being, this music would play as the very blood within its' veins. It would be the sparks between nerves in the brain, sending invisible chemical messages of sadness to the being's soul. Epic and majestic, we are but insects in its presence, that can be crushed under the mere atmosphereic aura the bleeds from it's wavelengths. These songs are like heroin. As the album rolls on, they warp one's sense of reality and completely tweak every emotion that was felt prior to listening, while slowly making us addicts, longing hungrily for more agony at the hands of its' crippling grasp.


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