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Thursday, January 04 2007 @ 12:04 PM PST
Contributed by: Malahki Thorn



Netherlands ChAwech (Almar Veenstra)
Review Administrator / Staff Recruiter / Journalist

ChAwech' main admin job is uploading the reviews for all Heathen Harvest journalists. This means checking for errors on every level.  Please contact ChAwech to report any typographical or editing errors.  In addition, if you have questions about a review posted at Heathen Harvest are would like to contact a specific journalist please contact ChAwech. ChAwech also manages recruitment for Heathen Harvest. People interested in participating at Heathen Harvest are encouraged to conatct ChAwech for further information.  Furthermore, ChAwech is a perfectionist.


Russia Elena ZG
Russian Language Public Relations Administrator / Internal Communications Administrator / Journalist  

Besides writing reviews, my main job is communicating with people (pretty usual thing everyone has to do each day during the whole lifetime). PR to be precise. I handle all Russian language communications and public relations for Heathen Harvest. I also manage and oversee internal communications an everything that deals with recruiting journalists, maintaining the data bases of promos received, sent and reviewed, keeping an eye on how the job of journalists is done, which means compiling the reviews and getting the figures - anything cannot pass by. Besides I"m the keeper of all the contacts, a messenger of good and bad news (when it comes to feedback) and will try to become a Jack of all trades when it comes to assisting admins. in anything else. For me supporting Heathen Harvest is supporting the underground.


United States Lord Lycan (Sage Weatherford)
Public Relations Administrator / Promotional Receptionist / Interview Administrator / Metal Supervisor / Journalist

Sage is the Heathen Harvest Public relations administrator in addition to being the promotional receptionist.  If you need to speak with Heathen Harvest please contact Sage first.  If you want to submit music for review at Heathen Harvest Sage can also help you with additional information.  Sage is not only our External PR representative, but also the journalist in charge of interviews, concerts, and interviews.  If you're a band or artist and you need to contact Heathen Harvest for any reason, be it questions, concerns, suggestions, or just recommendations and input,
please feel free to get ahold of him!  He can set up interviews for you or arrange for a journalist to be present at your concert for photographs and an interview.  Please feel free to contact him for any reason, he's here to help.  Sage's other important role at Heathen Harvest is being the founder of our metal section here at Heathen Harvest.  Over the past two years he has worked to build the metal section into what it is today. While he is our main metal journalist, he has also inducted Adrian Magers aboard for this purpose as well as sending subgenre-specific releases to
the appropriate journalists.

If you have a special request for a journalist, please feel free to contact him.


United States Malahki Thorn
Founder / Editor In Chief

I am the owner and original creator of Heathen Harvest.  I work closely with the the other administrators to run the daily affairs of Heathen Harvest.  I also lead the design team at Heathen Harvest comprised of the other administrators, our contracted web designer, and myself.  In addition I receive and manage the incoming promo submissions and determine which journalist receives each submitted review album.  Imagine the wizard behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz...


Spain Paddy O' Sullivan
News Administrator / Journalist

My duties include receiving and publishing news articles and announcements at Heathen Harvest. If you are looking to have your newsletter or news announcements posted at Heathen Harvest please submit them to me. In edition if you would like to have Heathen Harvest publish a regular newsletter or announcement that you produce then please contact me for details on how to sign up Heathen Harvest. If you have comments on a news story or you would like to submit a correction I am your man.

[Please look below in the reviewers section for entries containing further personal and / or biographical information about out our administration staff.]


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