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Xasthur (Malefic) Interview; Into the Chamber of Torment
Thursday, December 21 2006 @ 12:56 PM PST
Contributed by: Sage

Heathen Harvest:  Can you give us a little insight on your other projects?  Particularly "Sick," which people seem to know little about.

Malefic:  No one really 'got together' with Sick. The guy from Vrolok and Noktu in particular wanted me to play keyboards on a track or two for a 7"ep, so I did, but this was over a year ago and I haven't heard anything since as to when it's going to be released etc, I don't even know whether the project has ceased or has been delayed due to other members obligations elsewhere, either way I seem to be the last to know, they can do what they want with it, that's fine, it's not my creation. The music reminds me of older Celestia and Mutiilation if you haven't heard the more recent stuff.

HH:  Obviously most of your work is through desolation and the torture in your own heart as well as hatred.  Are there any other bands/genres that really touch you though?  A lot of good doom can evoke all of these emotions out of me.

M:  I don't spend hours upon hours listening to music anymore. This year I have discovered a couple great bands that I listen to more often than not like Elysian Blaze, Paysage D’hiver, Bergraven and Grim Funeral plus a few others aside from Black Metal like Rasion d'etre, Pelican, Growing, Isis and as usual... Lycia.

HH:  Once upon a time, you wished to never work with other musicians again.  What then led you to do projects like Sick, Mord, and Twilight?

M:  I don't think my participation in Twilight will continue. I gave playing live with Sunn O))) a chance, I got a different feeling from it that I liked for a while but now it’s over, I could not get along with those guys on many levels. There's a possibility with working with Mord again in the future. From the beginning, I never liked the idea of working with others but gave it a chance and only enjoyed it temporarily and now I am returning to the beginning. I know for sure that I'll never be a "member" of any other band or project but I do keep the door open when it comes to adding vocals, keys whatever to certain projects that I admire and respect.

HH:  Personally, I find you to be one of the only people in your precise realm of black metal who are actually talented in their instrumentation.  Would you ever consider doing something more instrumentally progressive, if given the finances?  Something in the vain of truely melancholic neo-classical or ambient?  I understand that you've given up a lot to make this style of music, but surely there are other emotions laying waste in your heart that can come out in a different artistic expression musically.

M:  Sometimes I consider the idea of giving a pure ambient/non-metal album a chance. The idea of how much there is to explore, how un-limiting it is and how improvisation can work even more in my favor is something that's of interest for me. I would not need to start a 'side project' for this; it would only be a different Xasthur album. As for other instrumentation, during this year I have added real drums and cello to my music to give it a bit of a different sound without changing the aesthetic of course. Most new material from now on will have real drums and occasional programmed ones based on what I see fit.

HH:  Can you give us some insight on your feelings towards the ends of two other big names in black metal this year:  Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection, and Richard Mills aka Grimnir Wotansvolk of Grand Belial's Key?

M:  I was shocked to hear about both of their deaths. I didn't like "meeting" a bunch of people on the tours with Sunn but I actually got to meet both of these guys briefly, they were two people that didn't have a rock star attitude whatsoever, so it was unfortunate to hear about their deaths, should have been someone else. I have my own theories on why Jon took his own life.

HH:  This question is rather redundant, but could you see yourself following in the steps of Jon Nödtveidt?  It is confusing to me why there have been no suicides in the depressive BM realm to date...  None that I can remember, anyway.

M:  Usually, I keep myself preoccupied from the thoughts or actions of suicide. Yes I'm depressed, yes I hate life and sometimes I see little point to the system of it and feel opposite towards it, but at the same time I don't believe in giving up on myself, I believe that I have paid my dues in life, have fulfilled my part and some sort of victory is in store. On the other hand, my motives are different, I have given up on others, they need to have it crystal clear why and how they should give up on themselves, I want the things I say and the music I make to show how human life, human nature, thoughts and lies are all false and worthless. If suicide is considered a weakness then many need to be weakened.

HH:  What are your views on NSBM?

M:  NSBM? Well, put it this way, even though I'm not very outspoken about it, I'm not very "politically correct", so I'm not offended or hurt by the message of most NSBM. There are a few bands that I still take seriously but there are some that don't set a very good example of their 'elite' race and a few that use it as a gimmick.

HH:  Could you give us some insight on your personal life?  You family, childhood, anything that hasn't really been said in other interviews with you.

M:  Isolation.

HH:  As a married man who plays this style of music, what are you opinions on the human emotion of "love"?

M:  No comment, no ones business.

HH:  Thank you for your time, and the interview, Malefic.  I hope that this was at least somewhat entertaining for you.  I know the same questions over and over again can get old.  I leave you with one last question.  Do you have anything to say to the scene kiddies that have made a mockery of our lives?  Who have made a mockery of bands such as yours and entire groups who meant so much to us, like Les Legions Noires itself?

M:  I blame greed, money, the internet and I blame those who shoved this kind of music down people's throat, so few people have truly discovered this music on their own and no one has the guts to remove much of the internet from black metal either. Before the movie industry caught on to Lords of Chaos, many record labels already did, so it gets ruined and exploited like any other sub-genre or sub-culture, it all became everything it was never supposed to be. I leave that all behind and play this music my way. I lost friends because of black metal and playing it, even though when I look back I don't care so much, I made lifestyle sacrifices and it makes me sick to see people now using it as something "cool" that they're "into" to find some sort of belonging, there's nothing cool about it, it's something personal for some and not something to flaunt for the many others... If they want to be different or obscure, be "into" nothing at all. For those who try and make a mockery of what I do I can only say that their opinion isn't based on anything besides their own boredom, confusion and failures.  Thank you for the interview and interest.

Note from the author:  Recently, Malefic has had an impersonator going around the internet tricking journalists into believing he was the real Malefic.  Even I was fooled into doing an interview with this fake.  The above interview is from the real Scott Conner.  If you wish to read Malefic's statement on this imposter, please visit the following link:  Official Xasthur Blog


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