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Lonsai Maikov vs Dissonant Elephant - Thee Darkening Ov Powers
Friday, December 15 2006 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: symbolique

Lonsai Maikov vs Dissonant Elephant - Thee Darkening Ov Powers

Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Lonsai Maikov vs Dissonant Elephant - Thee Darkening Ov Powers

Label: Old Europa Cafe Italy

Genre: New Age / Folk Split between Lonsai Maikov and Dissonant Elephant

The sense of gothic aristocracy prevalent in ‘Thee Darkening ov Powers’ unfortunately becomes its own judicial custodian, restraining any ultimate legacy or memory other than the figurative jail cell of forgetfulness. Perhaps it is just a little too hopeful in its attempt at darkness and nascent discovery of pop by way of noticeable electronic rhythms; synthesized and pre-programmed from the store. It all has the contours of New Age music, with the bleed of darkwave/Goth. Consequently this mix of sound-forms, despite some skillful application of digital audio filigree, never seems to find a meeting point, leaving an almost free jazz happenstance to deliver us from one track to the next. Nuances of potential do sprinkle among the mostly far-too-spacious (sic) composition, but there are too few instruments, too few dynamics, and too much compression to be aurally moved. What aforementioned nuances do bow to the macabre are oddly carnivalesque, yet too often they are marred by harmony that trades the sinister for the romantic. At times the music segues into psychedelic weirdness from experienced hands who need more kick than others to achieve the same state. Romanticism continues with further Chopin-esque expositions of sad themes purely expressed on piano, wandering the stage purely to occupy some sense of space and animation.

The jewel case release comes with twelve pages of slick gloss booklet nighted in black, featuring a wealth of liner notes with lyrics and exposition about the thematic posit of the release.


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