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The Doctor (DVD)
Friday, December 01 2006 @ 01:03 AM PST
Contributed by: ChAwech

The Doctor

Director: Thomas Nola

Title: The Doctor

Studio: Eskimo Films

Medium: DVD

Format: Color

Rated: NR

URL: http://www.eskimofilms.com

Well now, this is a whole new thing for me; reviewing a film. Can’t be the same as with music, by far.

Are you also tired of the million dollar Hollywood blockbusters that are just the same over and over again? Looking for something more interesting, that’s not just entertaining, but makes you actually think about stuff? Then The Doctor is a good one for you. It’s clear that there was not a major budget, but that doesn’t mean a film is bad. As far as I know, Saw I (the best one) had a little budget as well, or Blair Witch Project (part one, of course). Though, The Doctor is really different again, with its untypical camera viewpoints.

Douglas Pierce (Do I even need to say he’s from Death In June?) is the narrator of this film. Excellent choice, as Douglas’ voice is very calm and soothing. The main character from The Doctor is the doctor (obviously), who is played by Jerry Adams. This doctor is one hell of a weird character, with his glasses never straight on his head, his face whitened by makeup and weird exclamations like “Go suck a lemon, faggot” right after he’s sucking a lemon himself.

The doctor has a practice, of course, but it seems not a lot of people are coming. In the beginning there’s a girl, who dies really soon in the film. Then there’s a weird police officer that has a theory about mushrooms not being correct. After the little girl dies, she comes back to the doctor, and together they appear to be going away. Reason unknown, destination unknown. Just away.

After the doctor dies, the final scene shows how he was before his wife died. He was relatively happy, wearing no white makeup, had his glasses straight on his head. Apparently he became a bit crazy after his wife died. Who else would take a dead girl on a journey? The doctor became an untreated patient.

The music accompanying the scenes is interesting by itself already, lifting the film to a higher level. The film does need your full concentration for the whole 80 minutes of it. It’s not an easy film to see with a couple of friends one night, missing half of it and still enjoying it. If you are not committed enough, the film will be boring. Sounds like literature. And, funny thing is, it is. It’s a screen adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by the film director Thomas Nöla. I’d like to read the book, after I finished the ~250 unread ones I still have.

There are enough weird and awkward things to keep you thinking. Pierrots with the same with makeup as the doctor. Two constables with their faces all black. Both the pierrots and constables wear the same symbol on their clothes. Or the griffin, what is his function? Why is he talking some weird language, and why can the doctor understand it?

After I’ve seen this film for the second time, a lot of questions I had after the first time were answered, but new ones arose as I watched. What’s the function of the bunny in the scene where Miss Marilla Huxley is still actually alive? The book might clear things up a lot more.

Is everything in this film true? I doubt it. I believe that the doctor has gone insane. The film is shot from his viewpoint, so to speak. Is what an insane person sees and does the truth? Or isn’t he insane at all, but do I just think he is because he’s so different?

Watch it, stay focused. Watch it again a week later. Read the book. Think. Know?


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