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Kaniba - The Serpent, the Omega, and the Completion of the First Circle
Friday, December 01 2006 @ 01:03 AM PST
Contributed by: Sage

The Serpent, the Omega, and the Completion of the First Circle

Artist: Kaniba France

Title: The Serpent, the Omega, and the Completion of the First Circle

Label: Autumn Wind Productions United States

Genre: Dark Ambient

Chapter I: Damballah Wedo
01 The Whispering Soil
02 The Serpent

Chapter II: Ayida Wedo
01 Rising Through Earth
02 The Rainbow

"And from this Seed, No New Life shall Arise."

This release was not only extremely interesting to me, but also a giant pain in the ass. A reviewer hates nothing more than receiving an album that seems like it has tons of info, but really has just a bunch of meaningless phrases all around it. Like for a while, I thought this band was called "I'm the Crawling King Snake" because of the phrase on the outside portion of the inlay. Then I started wondering what the hell the other phrases were then. I couldn't find an album title anywhere. Thankfully, Erik from Autumn Wind filled me in on this info and didn't laugh at my ignorance. Thanks, Erik.

Kaniba is a one-man Dark Ambient project, made up of only Erlit. He is also the mastermind behind Terrorgoat and Cthulhic Dawn Productions. I must say that I really enjoyed the art on this release as well. You can't really tell what any of it is (besides the picture of him, of course), but it all is pretty interesting. I would assume the back is a negative shot of him with a liberty spike mohawk, but who knows.

The music itself is very dark and cold. It is dreary and gives the listener a strong feeling of apprehension. Dark ambient in general has always been a very interesting art for me ever since I became obsessed with the Silent Hill video game series. I played the entirety of Silent Hill 3 one night, by myself, locked in the basement with no windows, food, or water. I was obsessed, and when I had finally beaten the game, my brain was so strained from anxiety and fear that I guess it traumatized me just a little. Hearing really good dark ambient brings me back to that zone that I fell into while getting into that game so much. It reminds me of the basements and hospitals that lie in the darkest recesses of my mind. It reminds me of the elevator to hell, that is waiting to take me down...down into the darkest corridors of my inner being. To show me the murderer, the rapist, the blasphemer that lies within us all. True, that may be incredibly strong language, and many of you are reading this in denial, but I believe every human on this planet is capable of anything if given the correct circumstances. Kaniba opens these doors for me yet again, and makes me face those demons in my own mind.

We all have a soundtrack to our nightmares built into our brains as we progressively get older and take in new sounds. It's an ever-expanding soundscape of apocalyptic proportions. Within each of our subconscious' lies our own armageddon, waiting until the moments of darkness, to come out and comsume our minds. This is the state we enter when we can't remember, because we don't want to remember. It frightens us. It harms us. So our brains choose to forget these matters in midsleep. Kaniba is merely the background soundtrack to these experiences. He haunts your subconscious, he awaits you in the astral plains of existence. There is no escape, there is merely the time between encounters. Kaniba is the predator, and we? We are the rotting flesh waiting to be consumed by darkness.


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