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VA - Boes Shop
Saturday, October 28 2006 @ 09:21 AM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne

Boes Shop

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Boes Shop

Label: SQRT Poland

Genre: Experimental / Avant Garde

1. Due.di - vibracathedral is playing in my house tonight 04'00'' 2. - a.s.a.p. 03'07''
Krzysztof Mirosławski - 1-100 03'23''
4. ODDJOB - lumocolor 05'15''
5. Planetaldol - 11eme a droite 03'55''
6. Antmanuv - haptic fingerprint III 06'05
7. Maciek Szymczuk - the fairy tale of sleeping beauty 03'49''
8. Canine Call girls - spiral jetty 04'01''
9. Finaldoll - un rite professionnel 05'07''
10. Lukasz Ciszak - no mind-set 03'03''
11. Katarzyna Szenajch - dentro 03'19''

This is the second review for this release that I’ve penned. The first introduced my brother Jimmy as guest reviewer with his Pentopaperitis Tourette Syndrome problems. Highly funny and full of swear words I don’t believe that this release should be subjected to this type of childish puerile humour. So Jimmy has been binned for now. He may appear on some other review whenever the urge takes me. A character worth developing further I think.

The simplest ideas are the best. Take this release on the Polish Sqrt label as a prime example for this statement. Placed firmly in the experimental music genre this release was one of artistic freedom to modify and construct music from a set of 100 sounds created by Łukasz Ciszak and Sebastien Chou. The only constraints placed on the artists being that they didn’t use any of the sounds not provided, and the tracks were no longer than 7 minutes in duration. This recording features a whole bunch of artists I’ve never heard of, well new to me anyway, from France, Poland and Italy. All of which gives the music a cosmopolitan European feel about it. Delving into the more obscure micro glitch, ambient, organic and a minimal slant of things, the sounds that are produced are strangely compelling in a way I never thought possible. There are rumblings and modulations a go-go along with added elasticised drones and dumbfounding sharp bursts of high frequencies which keeps the music finely balanced overall. The introduction of some dysfunctional rhythmic passages binds the, more, Alien aspects together seamlessly and enhances appeal of the whole recording.

The music on ‘Boes Shop’ caters for that niche market of buyers into the whole eclectic sound creation and manipulation scheme of music. The good folks at Wire magazine, monthly bible for the more acceptable face of the avant-garde, would find this right up their street. The sonic passages never trudge into excessive meanderings of chaotic noise, which it so easily could have, but still retains a dark and oppressive feel which is held astutely in check. Credit goes to all the artists involved for creating a rather beautiful and starkly understated recording that delivers so much within the restraints set. Certainly worth giving a try if this form of music appeals to you.


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