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Karjalan Sissit - Tanssit on Loppu Nyt
Saturday, October 28 2006 @ 08:04 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

Tanssit on Loppu Nyt

Artist: Karjalan Sissit Finland

Title: Tanssit on Loppu Nyt

Label: Cyclic Law Records Canada

Genre: Martial Industrial

This bloated grandeur is oblique as it is disturbed in its churning, which despite the album’s brief exhumation at half an hour, is pregnant with a warm enveloping energy of intestinal vicissitudes. With ‘Tanssit on Loppu Nyt’, Karjalan Sissit once more sharpen shuddering steel, blade storms of wailing metallic symphony fulminate violently, tremors twisting a surreality of soft swollen hills, lonely forests, and lumbering modern ruins.

Karjalan Sissit continue with this album the tradition of unholy bombast, fusilladic percussive assaults and the dissonancy of the summoned damned; though where tradition intertwines with the demonic, the satanic, the pastiche, this album clearly demarcates the absence of any such allusions leaving the music as nothing other than an instrument of puissance – a means to a terrifying end. Harrowing and subliminal enough to appeal to fans of power electronics and dark ambient, it is seemingly aimed at neither, preferring its own tortured pariahdom as a cathartic. And unlike the aforementioned two genres that at times bleed and dabble in one another, ‘Tanssit on Loppu Nyt’ slices the canvas with dark and self-maniacal glory, sans the occult. Lumbering malformed drums ululate choirs of malformed shells into edifices sodden in the blood of the torn throat from the rampaging vocals. Orchestral directive wraps that landscape, oily ceremonial masses of a subversive mien, leaching away mystery and otherworldliness to the mascara limning mordant, arachnoid holes.

The album comes presented as a svelte, dvd-sized twelve-page book whose imagery is synonymous with the grotesque and bizarre of the music. Thick textured card in full colour cracks open to reveal photos supplanted to yellowed parchment, with illusive and atypical photography chiaroscuro – two to a page, with the matte embossed disc tucked into the lap of an imbiber. Subtle design and excellent use of typography deliver that added touch to an excellent package.


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