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Clint Listing Interview Pt. II; Power through Will
Thursday, October 05 2006 @ 02:27 PM PDT
Contributed by: T300

It has been two years since we spoke to Clint Listing. Heathen Harvest recently caught up with him to discuss his plethora of new sounds, and his growing popularity.

Heathen Harvest:  Greetings Clint, how are you? It hsa been a very eventful year for you so far, with 2 As All Die releases, and the Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds Split cd, among others. What else does 2006 hold in store?

Clint Listing: The funny thing is both the split for Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds and Victory CD for As All Die have been done for while just had label issues and took to 2006 to get released. I have a few other items for 2006 As All Die just released a song called "Season of Destruction" for a September 11th comp on House of Last Light Records and Truculent Recordings in US just released a limited tape to 100 copies of a live show As All Die, Wilt & Immaculate:Groteque did on tour in 2004 at radio station in Champagin IL. The rest of 06 looks quiet now 2007 will be next out burst for As All Die.

As for Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds, that saga is over. I have been offered a CD release on Autopsy Kitchen Records in the USA for my debut solo CD that looks like it will be out end of 06.

HH: Tell us a bit about the history and concepts of your projects, and where the future lies with them. You have covered almost everything from Martial Noise to Dark Ambience - which of these genres is your favourite and why?

CL: Wow, this will take a while. I've been recording and releasing on labels since 1996. The 5 projects that mattered are as following: 

  • Long Winters Stare: (1996-2001) (Dark Symphonic Metal) We did 3 CD's on Pantheon Records, Dragon Flight and last on Dark Symphonies. I was Guitar/ Harsh Vocals. It was fun we toured a batch across US and met cool people. That's over though, never to return.

  • As All Die: (1997-? ) (Martial Industrial / Neo Folk) As All Die follows the concepts Germanic Odinism and other Heathen beliefs our releases are millatristic do to our love of Death in June, Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Puissance, etc. We do not use or follow this WWII bandwagon it is all WW1 or earlier Germanic history. The Fascist ways are not what we preach I want to make that clear.

  • Radio Friendly Unit Shifter: (2004) did one CD with John again of Music Concrete/Field Recordings it didnt fit the When Joy Becomes Saddness mold this was released on Snip Snip Records.

  • Broken Hands for Brilliant Minds: (2002-2006) I've done 2 releases of Post rock meets Sound scape ambience on Odd Halo Recordings and Absolute Zero Media. This has been put to rest as well to release material under just Clint Listing.

As of this point there are only 2 projects I’m recording under. As As All Die and Clint Listing.I hope this all makes sense...

HH: Who are your influences? With As All Die, I hear traces of Blood Axis, but you draw from such a rich musical tapestry it is impossible to really put any accuracy down. Is there any reason for your diversity?

CL: Influences are wide as I like so much music. As All Die is a bit more focused as I told you above the major influences. Death in June, Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Puissance and Of the Wand and the Moon.

My other projects can go from Power Electronic, Ambient to Post rock to Death metal or Hard rock. The bands that have most moved me to make music are as follows: Dio, Devil Doll, Arcturus, Ulver, When, Def Leppard, Thergothon, Ras Algethi, Control, Robert Rich, etc see its just all over the place. This is why all my projects sound so different.

HH: There are talks and revelations about you seeking to release an acoustic CD. Could you tell us more about this? What kind of structure and concept would it have? Are we to expect a Neofolk album?

CL: The concept of this release is going to be a complete neoclassic/neofolk release with live strings, piano, acoustic guitars, kettle drums, Toms and several vocals. If you have heard the Green Carnation Acoustic CD or Of the Wand and the Moon material this going to mix of both. We're seeking a label to help with studio, pressing and promotion for this release. It will be a massive undertaking and we hope it to be a milestone in this genre of music.

HH: Your popular dark metal project Long Winter's Stare sadly disbanded a few years ago. What happened to it? I personally enjoyed this band a lot, are there any possibilities of a future revival?

CL: Long Winter's Stare is over and will never return that was 2 guys exploring as far as you could go in the metal realm with it still being metal. I have been working on a new Doom metal project but i've recorded just one track so this maybe a long time off. The track is 14 mins long so 3 songs and we could have a 40 min CD lol.

Long Winter's Stare ended as Greg didnt want to create metal any longer and I was losing interest in the more prog side that he was bringing the band to. I wanted it to be more Doom/Black metal.

HH: An interesting similarity is that you have a number of projects yourself, but Karsten Hamre (who contributed with you on the recent split) has at least seven himself. Do you find it very difficult to keep so many projects active at once?

CL: Karsten Hamre and I have a long history. I've released Arcane Art, Veiled Allusions and Dense Vision Shrine CD's for him on my DFR & Beauty and Pain labels. We've been friends for years and wanted to do this work together on a CD so I said what the hell I'll do it no my label as small pro CD-R release to 200 copies which are sold out minus Flood the Earth Distro who have a few left.

As for most projects those days are gone. I record under As All Die & Clint Listing only and I do the magazine. I've tried to simplify things over the years now.

HH: As All Die noticably takes a Martial and War related concept to it. No one is accusing you for one minute of sympathising with either power, but what is it that draws you to the Imagery and Concept of 1940's War?

CL: Ah the question in every interview I have ever done.... Cut and Paste Statement here. We have never or never have used WWII themes minus one 3" released on Somnambulant Recordings did and he did all the artwork. All other As All Die themes are of Heathen or Germanic war themes of WW1 or early. I not sure if people don't research far enough or just want to lump us with the austrian or euro Neo folk crowds. This is not us or never will be. Similar music not similar ideals.

HH: If you could release a split cd with any three artists, past and present, who would you choose?

CL: The 3 artists I would love to most work with are Devil Doll, Ulver & Non its just that simple.

HH: Out of all your numerous releases, which individual release is your personal favourite, and in what direction do you want to pursue your career in years to come?

CL: I would say the "Victory" CD by As All Die as its the 1st time I'm 100% happy with the outcome from recording to package to promotion. Flood the Earth did an amazing job. The 2 Directions I'm working as an artist are more Martial/Neofolk with As All Die and with my Solo Work is will be Soundscape, noise and postrock as always.

HH: It has been a pleasure interviewing you, finalise this interview with your own words.

CL: Nick thank you for the interview it was an honour sir. Please visit As All Die & Absolute Zero Media

Remember to keep your heathen ways!!!


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