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Cadaverous Condition Interview; At the Crossroads
Tuesday, October 03 2006 @ 11:12 AM PDT
Contributed by: Kenji Siratori

Heathen Harvest: In your new album "To The Night Sky", where dose the Apocalyptic Death Folk face? Please tell me the musical background of "To The Night Sky".

Wolfgang Weiss: TO THE NIGHT SKY is the logical successor to our previous album THE LESSER TRAVELLED SEAS (released 2001).

We always had some acoustic guitar elements incorporated into our sound and often songs that just feature acoustic guitar plus the growl-vocals, so we labelled such songs Death Folk, because they seem to be a mixture between Neofolk and brutal Metal influences.

With time we keep our music simpler and simples, reduce it to maximum impact; riff driven, no guitar soli, no nonsense, just the song itself does count. Puristic and authentic.

HH: Well, how do your songs that are composed by a mixture between Neofolk and brutal Metal create your musical concept?

WW: There is no concept behind it, it just came out that way, we let it flow. We like the sound of acoustic guitars, the simplicity and purification.

HH: So, do you think your musical reduction compose the drama of the sound like Samuel Beckett's words?

WW: No.

HH: Then, do you think TO THE NIGHT SKY achieve puristic and authentic? And what kind of influence does TO THE NIGHT SKY exert on listeners?

WW: Cadaverous Condition is a very pure and authentic band. We do most things on our own, there is absolutely no record label control over us. The "do it yourself" ethos is something we truly embrace. We also try to keep merchandise prices very low, T-shirts and CD's are sold at a reasonable fair price at gigs and at the moment we play some concerts with free entry. Integrity is what counts these days and I cannot stand Rip Off methods or people who do not deliver quality.

I do not know what kind of influence the new album has on listeners, that can only be decided by the listener itself.

I think there are some areas to explore, music and lyrics-wise, so the door is open to our world. Come on in.

HH: Thank you, Wolfgang. Cadaverous Condition shaved all of musical concept in TO THE NIGHT SKY. And they play the Apocalypse of music industry like deadman walking.


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