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A Minority Of One - Prime
Tuesday, September 26 2006 @ 11:32 PM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne


Artist: A Minority Of One United States

Title: Prime

Genre: Experimental Ambient

1. A minority of one
2. A call to action
3. Coursing
4. Yarroway
5. The newest of grey days
6. Felld

Hippies never died. They just embraced new technology and dumped the stupid names and clothing. The free sex also went when the STD’s started spreading around. I get the impression that Jason Hovatter Craban is an ex hippy. Or even a modern young man whose a hippy in heart and mind. He makes foot ware. Shoes to you and me. Not just any shoes mind. Quality leather stuff. A lot based on ancient designs. His full catalogue is to be found on the Laughing Crowe website. No mention of the music he’s released though. If shoes and leather goods be your passion then you’ve struck gold. See…that olde World stuff he makes points to him being a hippy. I’ve judged him guilty as described.

Further proof comes inside this release. He writes the following: ‘Please feel free to make copies of this recording and share it online’…damned again. ‘Prime’ is a limited edition release of 100 copies. The copy I’m holding is number 6. He’ll not sell anymore because all the freeloading twats have already downloaded or will download the bloody thing. If he doesn’t want to make any money…that makes him a hippy. Idealistically anyway. Eat your fucking heart out Ironside. Bring on the next one.

Unfair? Probably, possibly and definitely. I’ve made my assumption and will stick by it. Case closed. A Minority of One, or Jason from now on, creates what can be loosely described as experimental ambient organic music with a tribal electro vibe. Using a variety of instruments, including electric bass and guitar, singing bowls, ebo, horns, bull roar, bells and utilising water, glass and field recordings…with some additional samples…he process all the sounds using a computer editing programme. Which at least proves he’s not a technophobe.

The end results though are something else. Jason manipulates the sounds in such a manner that is strangely exotically hypnotic. He crafts a little bit of drone here, bit of dark ambience there and even ventures into the soft / hard rhythmic variety of music currently for sale on the Ant Zen label.

‘Prime’ is a lucky bag of a recording. You never know for certain just what will come out next. The only assurance being that pleasure, of some sort, will be gained no matter what. Jason has brilliantly sculptured the pristine music in a highly professional and thought provoking way. Trying to guess what he utilised on each different track being part of the, just under 40 minutes running time, fun. There are far too many artists going around who take themselves and their music far too seriously. Lighten up morbid buggers.

Jason on the other hand has demonstrated that music, in whichever way it’s created, can be an exhilarating experience in the right hands. A craftsman in every sense of the word. Here’s hoping he creates more in a similar vein. My only advice to him would be that on his next release he charges everyone for a copy. If nothing else it will stop me calling him a fucking hippy. A tag I’m sure he would like to lose.


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