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Teatro Satanico - Muzakiller
Sunday, September 10 2006 @ 09:50 AM PDT
Contributed by: Alan Milne


Artist: Teatro Satanico Italy

Title: Muzakiller

Label: Sottomondo Italy

Genre: Industrial Noise

Contact: www.sottomondo.com & info@sottomondo.com


7. UOMO, DONNA, DIO. (Muzakiller remix)
8. COMANDANTE BRUNO (Muzakiller remix)
9. PICCINA (video .mpeg)

The Devil has the best tunes. His followers also have the best clothes and accoutrements. Love all that black garb and inverted cross shit. You just can help loving the whole satanic scene. Who else could get away with slaughtering animals and screwing women on alters because its part of their religion. This is where Christianity went wrong. Want to fill up empty low attended churches? Here's the solution. Cover the congregation in pigs blood and have massive fucking orgies in the pulpits. You could even bung in the odd hymn here and there for added traditional effect. The crowds would turn up in the thousands. You would be beating them off with a shitty stick. Perhaps someone should pass this onto the Pope or Arch Bishop of Canterbury. I know that I would attend. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Just try stopping me. Teatro Satanico worship at the alter of Satan if this release is anything to go by. Halleluiah, and pass the vestal virgin. The 8 tracks they play on this release are quite unlike any other Satanic based recording I have in my collection. In many respects they are a more upbeat MZ412...when they were going through that same phase. Straight from the off Teatro Satanic go for the jugular with a storming first track of a rampant percussion laid piece overlaid with abnormal electronics and sound effects.

They follow this up with more diverse rhythmic thumping and vocals chanted in Italian. Damn!! I forgot to mention that at the start. Too preoccupied with the thought of naked female flesh, of the review that Teatro Satanico are Italian. There. No harm done. Blazing in on the third track they clear a path with completely OTT power electronics and guitars with a vocalisation reminiscent of early Laibach shouting through a megaphone. Hell has come to your house. Say hello to my impish friend. To reveal everything this release has to offer would ruin the surprise waiting for you. Suffice to say that the remainder of the tracks covers all sort of ground. From the darkest of ambience to a more experimental entrenched feel they continually up the ante and deliver in spades. The cd, limited quite rightly to 666 copies, comes housed with a 12 page booklet of disturbing cartoon images explaining Alberto Maria Kundalini's Satanic philosophy, unfortunately, written in Italian. Also included as a bonus item on the cd is a video mpeg by Muzakiller who bill themselves as anarchic-antinomian artists devoted to perverted underground art. This video is a cartoon representation of the story in the booklet, and spoken once more in Italian, but it does give a flavour to what the story entails. There is nothing to knock here. I can't think of one bad word to write regarding this release. The video and booklet are top banana. The music a glorious mixture of devilish tunes that the old horned one himself would be proud to hear. Hail Satan. Hail Satan. If it's good enough for Teatro Satanic then I'm damned sure it's good enough for me. Now where the fuck did I put that inverted cross?


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