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Beyond Sensory Experience - The Dull Routine of Existence
Saturday, August 26 2006 @ 01:00 PM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

The Dull Routine of Existence

Artist: Beyond Sensory Experience Sweden

Title: The Dull Routine of Existence

Label: Cold Meat Industry Sweden

Genre: Dark Ambient

Phthisic haze rasps the opening incursion from Beyond Sensory Experience’s latest album, from the Swedish dark maelstrom of Cold Meat Industry, a sirocco of mechanical making from the initial breath to the last ragged pulmonics. The ergs of mechanical graveyards are the bed of ‘The Dull Routine of Existence’, even if said shifting deserts of rust are the monotonous and illusory caparisons of a reality drawn long. Serrated choirs half-heartedly tremble phrases, voices lost not in dense drones but in the lackluster intent of the vocalists, macerating the very reason for opening one’s mouths. Chthonic swells do persist throughout the album, though it is aural sandpaper that is wearing away the rough industrial edges defatigable and shapeless, a static saviour and anesthetist. The tracks on ‘The Dull Routine of Existence’ tend more towards the disturbing than the dark, by using languid and solemn grottoes overgrown in their disaffection and all assemblance expunged. Bells clatter, try to find rhythm but instead shamble lost seeking importance they once held, strings suffer a symphony in which they are deaf to each other but quest for unison, lazed industrial marches palliate the symptoms of reality only briefly before they too, like all other sounds are sanded away with funereal dolefulness. Apported by congeries of vocal splinters, a séance is invoked, one that merely serves to raise downcast eyes to once again be cogent of tedium; not that any of these tracks are somnolent, far from it, they convey weariness and drear Beyond Sensory Experience are purveying without boredom or monotony. All of the tracks are divergent, yet maintain the theme of desuetude which is all that is left in the end.

Being Beyond Sensory Experience’s sixth album is a desultory experience, a digressive and unmethodical approach that ideates the aural theme to literal title absolutely. It would be a parallax to have enthusiasm about such an apathetic expression (though apathy is perhaps a little too strong, for Beyond Sensory Experience have at least taken the time to proffer the depression of the regular), but the fact of the matter is that this album does slip from the mold of dark ambient. Those moments when lassitude of the world is at peak and it feels as if nothing could be more grey, slip on this album and remind yourself that there is far more desaturation than you could possibly understand.



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