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nEGAPADRES.3.3 - Exstrophy of Amphigouris
Tuesday, August 08 2006 @ 08:17 AM PDT
Contributed by: T300

Exstrophy of Amphigouris

Artist: nEGAPADRES.3.3

Title: Exstrophy of Amphigouris

Label: Hermetique France

Genre: Dark / Ritual Ambient

nEGAPADRES.3.3 is a Belgian based dark ambient project, now claiming its third album.

Having not being able to find any trace of any previous work anywhere, (except for very brief mentions on Google), I approached this release with no idea what to expect in the slightest.

"Exstrophy of Amphigorous" is the sound of a machine rebelling. Opener "Thull Ipegooh Dah" is a terrifying number, it has a didgeridoo-like drone in the background, carried by a very slow but frequent sound, which can only resemble a rusty door on it's hinges, being pushed and pulled on it's pivot over and over again. A recurring theme in the promotional leaflets accompanying this release is the concept of wasted submarines, devoid of all life. With this track, you could easily imagine yourself trapped in the last air pocket, listening to the engine room take it's last fatal breath.

"Obstinacle" introduces us to the pure terror that a cello can induce when used in a menacing manner. Muffled moans, distorted cellos, static noise, and dogs howling. Like walking down an endless set of frozen stairs, barefooted, blindfolded.

"Seegooyull" is packaged as featuring "Concorde Warm-up sounds" and "Aurora Boreales". The latter of which are examples of ELF radio phenomena. Paranormal frequencies, with the sound of concorde speeding up in the background. One of the best combinations in memory. A Highlight.

"Absinthe la Guingette De L'espadon" is the death of all man made industry. Credited to using "Steel melting and compression sounds" this is the sound of music crushed under tons of steel, all anthem and beauty stripped out of it, and attacked by it's own mass. Beautiful, and some wonderfully unique vocal passages.

"From Geneve to Ga Er" - Possibly the only song on record to feature a Nepalese Alto Flute. A totally haunting number, carried in near silence for the first minute before the flute passage kicks in. This song is panaramic, the flute is beautiful, the tune is sorrowful. Best track on the album.

"Qontain Air nr2 (VRTP)" opens with samples of distorted speech, overlapped by some very bizarre and interesting electronic loops. Totally different to the rest of the album.

"Weedohno" features mating chants and Tasmanian parades, the masterminds behind this release have left no stone untouched, many unique boundaries are reached here. A divine, slow and somewhat eerie track, but easily another highlight.

"Transe of Exstrophy" is a pure nightmare. Cicadian samples, and vocals recorded in the main dome of an hydro electric power station. The promotional text for this track offers us this lovely anecdote: "Remember that, should you decide to forego with your own penile duplication, once it is done, both penises will be independent and mobile."

The track is equally charming.

Concluding track "Litz day Kursk" is dedicated to Decommisioned Cold War Submarines. Underwater sounds are predominant here, and following their trip of the world, Negapadres.3.3 travelled to Scotland to sample some of this track. A requiem for all lost warships.

What more can anyone ask from a release that travels to all corners of the globe, sampling many unique and fascinating sounds, and offers us a concept and insight to so so many unfamiliar sounds?

Buy this while you still can. Unmissable.


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